Hide ya everythin’

Are you hanging in there, little caterpillars?

Well, I’ve been busy these couple of days (as busy as you can ever call me, I always have time for another 30 stuff) aaand, I’ll just tell you how I’ve been. For if you want to know.

1-st…I got in touch with Radin. What? You don’t remember him? Well, that makes him sad, just so you know. Anyway, he’s the guy that came with me on the foreign exchange student interview in Sofia. The only one from Varna, besides me? Oh, so now you snapped.

Well, he’s in Germany now, blasting his speakers out with Journey and dancing with his new german family. He says they’re pretty cool, he can’t wait for school (but I guess he waited, cause today was the day he saw his new classmates). So, so, so cool, I’m really happy for him. He said I’m in for some big treat next year and that I’m gonna love it. He mentioned something about going to UBER FUN 2 week seminars with other students, preparing themselves for going to their country of choice. He didn’t want to tell me what they’ve been doing, though, cause he “didn’t want to spoil the surprise for me”. Then he told me about the huge folder of fun questions I’ll have to answer and send to Finland and…and…and I was like O.O *zombie*. I barely managed to close my mouth and I believe that I won’t be able to wait until March, when it all starts. I WANT THAT TIME NOW. NOW. NOW. That’s the only reason I wanted this school year to start…so it could end. I have a lot of homeworks to do before I get to go the seminar, though :((( . But here’s a picture of Radin in Germany:

So many girls...no wonder he's happy 😀 ^^

Then what happened? Yes. My cousin came back from Sofia. Well, she’s living there, so I guess you can call this just a visit. My cousin, Gloria…the one with whom I spend my childhood doing stupid and scary stuff, begging for detention. She’s so freakishly tall and thin right now. But pretty. We spent 2 days together, basically watching Disney channel and “The voice”, listening to this song:

(it’s actually kinda nice song)

We ate like pigs…Peaches as milk, but it still counts. I saw my aunt Tanya (cousin’s mom). She’s fucking crazy. Not that she wasn’t like that before. But I just remembered today. FUCKING CRAZY. I mean it. Last piece of her I’ve had was today. My phone rang, it was a guy I didn’t want to talk to and I told her to pick up and tell him that this number is no longer mine. And what did she do?

Tanya: “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? No, she’s out and this number is mine now. Listen…I’m having sex right now, so if you’re gonna tell me something important, do it before I orgasm.” <— and he hung up.

But that’s just her, I guess. I laughed my ass off, cause she’s funny…her son, Victor, age 10 (I guess, also my cousin) just ate his banitsa and he figured something out: “Mom…you’re really bad. How could you bring me to the center with my pj’s on?” and she laughed and said “What do I care? As if you can’t dress yourself, don’t act like a little bitch.” I think…her kids will later on, have some serious mental problems. Maybe it’s just me, idk.

Aaaanyway, me and Gloria are on a new adventure right now. Searching for her father. She doesn’t even know how he looks and we only know his first name – Hristo. BUT I got some info that he’s in England now and has 2 kids, a boy and a girl (don’t ask how I found this, it’s a really long story) and now we’re hoping to get some phone numbers, since my girl wants to ask him why he left her. That shit is gonna be sad and he better have a good answer. I know, though, she’s gonna be disappointed in the end. But here’s a good picture of me and Gloria from 100 years ago (one of my favorites):

Silly bunnies ^^ <333 Me, Tanya, Gloria

Ohhh, okaaaay, here’s another one, that’s also really dear to me:

Jump, jump, jump.

Ahh, nothing like a good old dose of memories! I’ve got loads of pictures with this kid0, but I’ll show you just one more…cause I feel you getting bored already!

haha, I'm missing a tooth.

Okay, back to the present.

I had a fight with a butterfly. It flew into my room like an unexpected math quiz and I had to manage stuff in the extreme way:

I can't even...

That’s how you deal with butterflies. Bad, black, ugly, scary butterflies. I feel sorry for myself sometimes. But after 15 minutes of screams and poking, the creature flew out of the window like Miley Cyrus’s virginity after episode 1 of Hannah Montana.

On a random note, have you already heard? Sturm und Drang now have a new permanent bassist.  F-I-N-A-L-L-Y. Jeppe told me that the search is over like 15 days ago, so I kinda knew, but now it’s official and you can see for yourselves at http://sturmunddrang.fi/ . Weeeeeell. That is really good news, isn’t it? I’m happy and yes, I can’t wait to see who he is and what he can do, but if they say he’s good, I guess he is, eh? ;D Hopefully!

Oh, and btw, yours truly has another new phone…cause the blackberry is playing around with me, I thought a Nokia won’t betray me and now I’m a proud owner of a nokia cell phone (one of those new express music models, Idk which one exactly 😀 )

And also, I’ve been REALLY into this “hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hide yo husband, cuz they rapin’ everybody out here” video. Here’s the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJGBP96pB_c . Now, I don’t think the subject is funny, but please pay attention the the guy with the red…thingy on his head. You cannot not laugh, but if you did, you’re gonna burn in hell. But you know what’s even funnier? The “Bed Intruder” song.

Just…speechless. A masterpiece. Have a laugh and a nice day!

And that was it for today, I hope you didn’t die, while reading.

//Stef – I wanna boom bang bang with your body, yo!


One comment

  1. HAHAHAHA, I love the butterfly shot.
    Congrats on the phone 😉

    And the “Bed Intruder” song is the new shit. Awesomeness.

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