The package.

Yes. Hello. Hi. OMG. AAAAA.

I have got a package with orange stripes on it. PYK.

Tage Rönnqvist (the photographer, the director, the chef, the professor, the snapple lover, the melomaniac, the reviewer, the blogger and so on…) sent it to me less than a week ago and here it is now. How does it not feel in my arms??? (Kiley Minogue pun intended). Well, do I really have to tell you how happy I am? Ahh, I’ll say it anyway. Super, duper, hyper, kilo, mega, giggga, terrra, metalo, metano, titano happy.

Since I’m really into this, I’m going to start from the moment I woke up today. So I woke up to my phone ringing with B.T.R – Zlatna ribka (Golden fish) for the first time. I love that song. And I slept well, so the mood was great. Then I got ready and met Gergana at the Picadilly center traffic lights. I’m sure you know where that is, that’s why I’m telling you where I was at 12:03 pm. Anyway, we went to the post office and there were 2 people in front of me, both waiting to receive international mail. They both didn’t get their packages/letters/whatever, so I got freaked. It was my turn, I gave the lady my notice and she went away with it. She was gone for a good 15 minutes, I was still worried and when she came with empty hands I thought nothing else, but “SHIT! MOTHERFUCKER! CUNT! HELL! BOLLOCKS! FUCK! DICK! SPONGEBOB!”. She asked me if I’ve seen the person, who sends this, soon and I said “Yes, I drank my tea with him this morning. We use mail just for fun.” I hate questions with no relevance whatsoever. I realize I was rude, but…seriously? And why the fuck do you need my personal ID number for? You saw my ID card, so you know it’s me. ???? . Anyway, the package/envelope was found and we both had smiles on our faces.

On the way to the sea garden, I had my face constantly starring at IT and I tripped a couple of times, but managed to stay up! 😀 We went to the amphitheater, sat one one spot, drank some pepsi, stared at the envelope a little more. I opened it. I died.

We caught my agonizing scream on camera, BUT I won’t show it to you, 1-st because it’s shit, 2-nd because the camera was actually filming the stray dogs next to me (thanks again, Geri) and 3-rd, because I have a little dignity. But I did do a video, though. A little hard to understand, because I was still VERY excited and I couldn’t pronounce words right, I was mumbling and laughing (fuck, I said “fruits” 4 times and I said it right only 1 time), but…I guess if you stare into my soul from the monitors in your house, you’ll probably be able to see that I was, indeed, really happy. (link at the end of this post).

But let me tell you what was in the big white-orange envelope. First, the one and only Cajunga poster that was featured in their video “Dancing with the boys”, signed by all the members of the crew who shot the thing. Mega joy. Here’s a picture:

Shot taken from , because it's with the best quality!

Muhahahaha, I have it with me right now, sucka! And it’s awesome, it’s brownish, it’s the same one as the one you see here and obviously, it has all of these signatures placed on the exact same spots as they are here. AWESOMENESS.

At first I thought that Rasmus’s signature was actually Tage’s, cause I can read the R as a T, but then the sky opened and a brick fell out of it, and it hit me in the head…and I realized that I was totally wrong. But at least Chicken Little will have a story for part 2, ain’t that right? No? You’re so bad.

Second thing that was in the package was this Sturm und Drang card, signed by Calle, Jeppe, André and Alex. YES, BITCH, you can touch me.

I can't even...

HELLLLOOOOOO FINLAND. “I went bananas” (Tage’s “laf”). I’m talking about being mental in the full meaning of the word. Running around like a crazy person, hugging strangers and laugh like a retard, cause you’re way too excited to say anything else. All in just 1 minute. But that’s how we do it here, in Bulgaria, we blow our minds up (Mythbusters cross-reference).

What my mind is struggling upon, though, is which signature represents André and which one Alex? Confusing, cause they both start with an “A” and the rest of the sign is something I cannot recognize. 😀 And who wrote that “Hello Bulgaria” thing? It’s very cool! And, Tage, where did you find a SuD card? If it was yours, then I am so very sorry for taking it! Just…so many questions!!! And by the way, the rubber band the Cajunga poster was tied with, has been on my hand ever since I untied it. I just love everything about this package. I will even save the goddamn envelope.

Oh, and Tage (again…there’s just too much to say :D), your handwriting reminds me of Ivana’s…handwriting. Weird, you don’t know who she is, but it’s like I’m watching the exact same letters from a notebook on the desk every day in school (except the different alphabet, but ya…). I’ve always wanted to write like this :(((

Uuuuuh, listen, a funny story today. Me and Gergana are sitting on a bench, she pulls her phone out and asks me “Do you know how to read this band’s name?” and I take the phone and play the song. It was some death metal thing, I don’t really remember, but it confined the attention of a stranger. He looked at us and gave us the metal sign (which was hilarious, having in mind his looks that you’re about to see in a moment). Anyway, he stopped, came to us and asked me for my name. I told him I was Stefani…not to be rude. He started talking about how beautiful my eyes are, how charming I am, and how he likes me. Ewwww. Gergana actually freaked out, she thought he was gonna do something to us, but I was just having a laugh. I was saying “thanks” after every one of his words, it was all compliments, but…still, EWWWWWW. He saw I was holding a camera and asked if he could take a picture with me. I said yes, cause…I don’t know why, I must’ve been out of my mind, but Geri did it and I promised I’m going to contact him on skype and send it to him. I don’t think that’s going to happen, but that was the only way to get rid of him. He was asking how old I am, what do I do, where do I study and stuff…I told him I was 13, but I think I overdid it…

smile for the camera.

Oh yeah, did I mention he was running and sweating like a pig and he made me hug him? Well, there you go, now you know. You can start feeling sorry for me. But at least we look happy? No?

Well, anyway! I’m gonna stop writing now. I hope you had fun reading this, cause it sure was one of the happiest blog posts I’ve ever written. And here’s the link to the video:

//Stef – wjfsklfjsmljdmgkfngdfsghfdjkghzena, EEEEEH MACARENA! I can die happy now.


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