Well, I’m super tired, but I always have time for you, blog!

Ofc, since I’m super boring, I’m going to talk to you about my past few days.

On 4-th of september I remember I got like 180 views…my previous record was 97. Who reads this shit? But anyway, I didn’t really do anything special that day. Gloria called me asking if I wanted to go somewhere, but I was so lazy and said no, cause I felt like staying at home. I watched the 18-th season of the Simpsons with the intention of going to the 19-th. But I fell asleep after the 2-nd episode, so I left it for the day after.

Then season 20 came along and so did Gergana. She left me one of her phones for a purpose you’re about to see a few paragraphs down. I made some plans about where we were going to go on september 6-th and went for a walk in the sea garden. And then I fell asleep again.

September 6-th. The day that ALWAYS goes wrong. Every single fucking time. I hadn’t had a year with this day being like an ordinary cool national holiday. Cause it is one. Aaand Gloria has a birthday. We tried going to the ice skating area (can I say that? There’s a word for it, but I can’t remember now, so ya, fuck you and continue reading), we missed 4 bus stops, so we had to go back. It took us like an hour and we arrived at the mini center in the neighborhood that skate area is in, we had no idea which way to go. It’s been there for 4 years now and I never took the time to visit it. Ice skating + me = broken bones. We searched for the building for another hour and when we found it, it was closed, CAUSE IT’S A FUCKING NATIONAL HOLIDAY and everybody’s on break. At least the mall (one of the 2345678 malls in Varna) was open, but we walked 2 hours until we got there, because we didn’t want to go to Pfone Mall, but to Varna Mall, not to be mistaken with Grand Mall or City Mall or Round Mall or Land Mall or any other mall, cause I don’t even know their names. We went to the cinema inside and watched “The last air bender” in 3D. a.w.e.s.o.m.e movie. At least I liked it. It has some great effects and I want to see part 2. Besides, I’ve always loved elements (earth, air, water, fire) based movies (I collected W.I.T.C.H magazine until 9-th grade for god’s sake) aaaand Anwar from “Skins” plays the fire prince, who’s a bad guy and it’s…cool, I guess. I didn’t like him that much in Slumdog Millionaire.

But the projection was too long, we thought we were going to be in time for the family dinner we were supposed to attend at this bistro/restaurant . We were 1 hour late, cause we didn’t know the address, so we had to look for it somewhere in the “Chataldja” area, which is not that big, but we were late anyway. Well, Tanya had to ruin everything by throwing a big scandal in her style. And blog, I would like to ask you, how does my being late make me “stupid”? I didn’t quite catch that, but her mouth was screaming and screaming about how immature we are and how we are celebrating a birthday with no birthday girl and that it was my fault for arriving so late, cause apparently I know the town better than Gloria (which is true, but that doesn’t automatically make me guilty). I was ok with telling us we were late and that it’s not right and that we shouldn’t do that, but screaming about it for an hour, ruining the dinner is just ridiculous, in my opinion. And did she REALLY have to turn and say to me “You fail at life. Finland will kick you out after the first time you do something like that *that all with caps lock on*” well…it was touching :-). I’m glad she found someone she can throw her anger at. Yes, I may be failing at life with being late, but you fail at life by leaving your children in a stranger’s hands and expect him to take care of them. Sorry, I remember a lot. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t do bad reminders, cause if I did, that would be one of those moments. I’m crazy enough to start telling everything that’s on my mind at the moment, but since we were gathered to celebrate and the other people were watching, I decided to leave it like that. The cake was delicious. The end.

Today I woke up at 5:30 am just so I can write Gergana’s english essay and send it to her via SMS (it took me 20 bloody texts), so she can read them at her exam and write it. She needed that grade to fix her life and since she doesn’t know a thing about the english language, I decided to help a little. I’m not a PRO, but I’m NOT THAT BAD. Well, I did my friendly gesture and she passed.

At 9:00 am I went to my former music teacher, Ms. Simeonova. Ah, she’s still the crazy person I fell in love with (WHAT?) We sang songs and talked and it was fun and…dunno it was alright, I’m visiting again soon.

Then I remember walking all day with G., going into stores, trying clothes on…talking and…well, walking. I feel like I walked at least 20 km. I’m tired. And that was it for today. More “adventures” tomorrow.


//Stef – the guy from “Letter to Juliet” is hot…


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