First things first! Brain is gone. Puff, she’s in England. But we did see each other before she left the boundaries of her sweet home land, randomly called Bulgäristaanii (now it sounds like a Finnish version of a name for a middle East country. Damn, I’m good.) But what did we do all night, I hear you asking from the depths of the Atlantic ocean. We talked, we ate, we watched “Wuthering Heights”, we drank Coca-sweet-Cola and we talked in broken english to each other for 2 and a half hours (this is really not a joke, how do you tell a leopard from a cat, if the leppard is Def? This was just one of the questions we couldn’t find answers for…). But since we’re talking about Wuthering Heights, I want to tell you my opinion on it.

Yes, it was my first time seeing the movie (Brain’s reaction: HUUUUUUAAAAAHHHHSSAHAHFDJFHFGSJDHF *can’t breathe*DGFGSJSAIFDY?????????????????????) aaand frankly, it didn’t change my whole world or my views on love. It was just a good movie that I would never watch again, because I’d get bored after 5 minutes or so. It is a heavy film with a lot of feelings and thoughts in it, but it shows something really impossible. I know at least 5 people, who would kill me right now (or would call me immature for not understanding the masterpiece), but I did watch it until the end, I did catch the point and I do think it’s good, but so is Titanic. So?…maybe if I was watching it with a boyfriend or something, I would think differently. But no.

Anyway, back to Brain. I will miss my idol so much, but she’ll be back for Christmas, so here’s the first reason to look forward to that…because we both remember last Christmas, where our time was occupied by these golden ribbons we had to tie and curl. It was fun, but seriously? No. Tsvetelina Koevchinova, land safely, show them how to party, study if you want to and make a lot of pictures. Thanks.

What else? Oh ya, I went to visit grandma and grandpa. She asked him if he knew who I was and he said “Yeah, I know her”; “Well, what’s her name?”; “Uuuh, I can’t remember right now, but I know her”; “What is she to you?”; “Uuum, she’s my granddaughter? Her dad is our son, Krasio” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! My dad’s name is Vasil, but never mind! The important thing is that he’s okay and he remembers my face. He even smiled. How cool is that?

Theeeen, Ivana had birthday on 11-th of September. I called her around 11 am, and I woke her up. That’s a good wasting of her birthday, isn’t it? Well, I’ll see her on Wednesday to wish her something in person, but I guess I had to mention that here, so I write more words. (?)

My cousin, Gabriella (who totally hates me from the day her mom showed up) has a birthday tomorrow. I baked her a cake, I hope she likes it. Happy 3-rd birthday, little monster? I love you. And ofc, I have to get her a present some time tomorrow (most likely in the morning), but I have so much to do tomorrow…

I have to go see my dad, cause I can’t delay that with another week, that’ll take at least 2 hours, then I have to go to my mom’s, I promised her I’d do that, too. Then I have to go to the central cathedral to see my choir teacher and give her money for the trip to Sofia (oh right, I’m going to Sofia with the female Varna choir on 24-th of September…some contest or something), then I have to go and confirm my part in the red cross volunteer organisation, I have to be there two weekends in a row, so…And then I have to go pick a present for the ungrateful little creature, and then I have to go to Levski to celebrate. And then HOPEFULLY I’ll sleep, cause I have school the next day (another thing that I’m really frustrated about).

Also, today I watched a video about 9/11/2001 (although the date should be in the first place). It was really scary. Those hijacked airplanes going straight through the World Trade Center…there were people jumping from the buildings in their desperation and panic. There was even a phone call for CNN. It was a guy, on the 105-th floor in one of the buildings and it was something like: “Hello! Yes, we are here with 3 other men, there are 2 broken windows. OH GOD! OH!” and then nothing…and at the same time you see the building collapsing. I shivered. This shit was scary. Terrorists should be murdered in the most slow and painful way there is. I don’t give a fuck about humanity. 2947 people lost their lives, god knows how many families still can’t bear the loss of loved ones, not to mention the trauma it caused to all the witnesses. Just…I don’t understand why they do this.

On a lighter note, I noticed that all of my friends went somewhere this summer. England, Nica, Pisa, New York, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Germany, France, Brasil, South Africa, Malta, Maui, Los Angeles and the list goes on and on. I’ve never noticed so much activity before…and I’m not counting the camps in Bulgaria, cause they don’t have a number. Oh well, let there be rock. And happiness for all. I hope everyone had a great time, see you in school, maggots! ^^

//Stef – Skins, again.


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