First day of school.

There are two of those.

The very first day, with the ceremony and all and then there’s the actual 1-st day of school, where we start studying.

1-st day was…awful, with the traffic. I was late, so I got a taxi, but I could’ve just walked, it would’ve taken less time. The PE teacher was going red from blowing her whistle, so we can be quiet and start moving to the back yard. Nobody payed attention to her, that’s why the ceremony started an hour later. We saw the new rabbits and what do you know? All of their head teachers are coming in our classes (cause they’re like 60 teachers and we have only 15 subjects). The newcomers were all in uniforms and not a single student from our class had it on. Wow, they’re scared.

At the end of the speeches, a blond lady took the mike and started talking about some stuff I couldn’t hear. I asked “Who is that?” and Maria said “It’s Mrs. Yabandjieva” and I asked again “Who? What is her connection to the school, she seems random” and Maria said “She is…the principal, you idiot” and the french teacher turns to our side and says angrily “PAY SOME RESPECT”. I honestly forgot that Mr. Zlatanov was retiring, so you can imagine my surprise when I heard both of them chicks screaming at me. Oh well…

Then there was Lady GaGa’s “Just dance” and immediately after that we started slowly marching out of the yard, while this song was playing:

This happens to be, by accident, the national anthem. I couldn’t find a version, where you can clearly hear the words, but…it’s not SO pretty anyway. It’s okay, but…(I guess I’ll like it, when I go to live somewhere aboard ;D ).

Then we went to our head teacher’s room, got the program for the next day and went home.

And today (the actual school), I had to get up early for 2 hours of english. I was excited, cause last time I had english was in 4-th grade and every year we had a new teacher and we had to learn the alphabet all over again. Well guess what. WE DID IT AGAIN. Cause Zeyneb and Ayshe know only turkish, Miroslav russian, Hristo just german (what a surprise, I did not realize I had 21 hours of german per week with him for a year, and then 9 hours in 9-th grade), Damyan doesn’t even know bulgarian, he wryts lyk dis and well, let’s face it, my class is full of retards, who can’t even say their name in english. So I’m going to sit there for another year just sleeping, I’ll have to write homeworks about when it’s appropriate to use “to be, to do and to have”…just so I get a bloody certificate at the end of 12-th grade on a lever that I ALREADY cover. Fuck my life.

The new german teacher, on the other hand, is awesome. We’re divided into two groups of 15 students, cause the club can’t handle us all at once (awesomeness, ftw) and my group got the cooler teacher. Mr. Jelev, yeaaaaah! Hello, straight A’s, I’ve missed you.

Maths was ew, as usual, but it was better than I expected, so…thumbs up! Then we had ethics, it was all a bunch of randomness about philosophy and psychology. But then the last class of the day came and this new teacher with it. She had this weird name, I don’t remember it, but she’s teaching food hygiene and characteristics of law (do you see any connection whatsoever, cause I don’t), or HHHZ for short, just like OFKR.

By the way I have a video of me,  giving carrots to the rabbits, but I dunno if I’ll upload it any time soon, cause I feel kinda lazy and it’s coolness will be lost in time, but we’ll see.

And now it’s only 20:25, but I’m sleepy! So night, night ya’ll.

//Stef – Kutina is killing me.



  1. believe me, us people abroad would die to hear the national anthem in public space. yeah, today we organized the first birthday here and we played the national anthem, the nation folklore music – horo and of course, bulgarian pop folk…. crazy stuff!

  2. Horoooooo. Yeeeah! That shit is awesome. I hope you had a great time, Brain! Miss you already! ❤

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