So, I’ve been busy these days…doing nothing and everything.

My weekend was occupied by the red cross and my mom had a birthday, so I had to take her to a strip club. And there’s always school, but ya…who counts that?

Anyway, today I wanted to talk to you about the PARODIES in the bulgarian music. They are sooooooo many, as a matter of fact, I find it hard to think of a song that’s actually proper, but I don’t have to right now, cause we’re taking a fun journey to the middle of nowhere, cause you probably won’t laugh, cause only I (amongst 62345678656786567753678 people in the world0 can speak bulgarian. BUT, here goes nothing.

OOOOOOOOHHHHH, MY GOD!!! Porn movie much??? Fucked up music much? LYRICS much? The lines are kinda like (the chorus), Bubo, Bubo (as in a bug, but a cute one, it’s for a girl), what if I take it rough? Buba is crawling, be careful not to be in her way (the females: Should I be scared now? Crawl all over me), Bubo, Bubo, I’m going to fuck you hard (not with the same words, but…), Buba is crawling in different poses (females sing the same shit). WTF?

Just so you know, “Buba lazi” is a child’s game that is basically tickling. My childhood is ruined. :(((( I hate that song.

SASHKA VASEVA — PRESIDENT!!!! The song is just as random and shitty as the video. But it’s kinda hilarious. I mean, those SEXY, SEXY, SEXY girls on the suzuki motors, just…so sexy. And then the randomness keeps on hitting with the head with some green scenes with a horse, and the immediately after that you can see a 12 year old break dancer (or is it brake? dunno). But ooooh, no! Those little shining stars look SO realistic. And what? Is the horse’s dick shining at 4:01? Oh yes, it is, motherfucker. This wins by every criteria. IT HAS A SHINING DICK, for the love of God.

Dunno why this is here. I just sing it a lot. And I like it. And it’s chalga. And it’s funny, but stupid (again some sex stuff). And it’s catchy…tvoqt pogled e OLELE MAIKO, sex, sex, ALELE MAIKO. :D:D:D Gergana is so annoyed by this, but it’s her ringing tone for me. a.k.a, she hears this chorus when I’m calling her 😀 Awesome. Iliyan is a bulgarian gypsy (as much as it doesn’t show), and we hate those, but ahhh, this is awesome. Haha, I doooon’t care. Catchy song! I even have a video from the party with Dido, Yani & Bobcho, where we dance to this song, but I have a lot of videos from back then and I do’t seem to get around and edit them, besides they’re too dark and I still don’t know how to fix that, so…

But maybe I’ll edit later with more awful music for youto listen. I’m going to bed now, cause I’m tired… =(

//Stef – Goodbye, my tasty little lemon drops!


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