Okaaaaaay! Now put your hands in air, wave them like you just don’t care.

Grab your huge grilled meatballs, your cheap rakiya and wine, your awesome mood and go to the closest bulgarian tavern there is. I promise you, this is awesome.

(trima muzikanti-kanti, samo po tiranti-ranti, svirqt v restoranti-ranti, tiriririramti, tiriririramti! ♫♫♫ Btw, the women’s voice is higly influenced by turkey, don’t you think???)

I’ve been obsessed with that for the last 2 days, I find it fascinating. It’s chalga, but not the kind that you want to puke, when you hear it! It’s the awesome tavern chalga! You go to a tavern and you have live singers, who come to your table (and it’s is really bulgarian designed) and sing to you. There is also an orchestra and there’s a free dancefloor for you to wave your drunk ass at.

that's how an average tavern looks like. It represents the old times, when the fucking otomans were all over the place. That's why it's not "modern"

Well...this is supposed to be the lady, who comes to your table and sing, but the real tavern singers are actually wearing а bulgarian folk costume.

And when we’re all happy and full of TASTY national food, we go outside (or we stay in, depends on how big the tavern is) and we play a national dance, called “horo”. There are MANY kinds of horo, but if you know how a horo is played, you can never mistake it, no matter what kind it is, cause it’s basically spinning around the same idea. We have dunavsko, ivailovsko, pravo, krivo, trakiysko, shopsko and about 450 other kinds. The reason why they are so many is, because people in a certain region didn’t have connection to the other regions, so they didn’t know how they should play the horo and they made up their own kind. And it was played all over the country for centuries as a prayer to the gods for good times, freedom, yield and fertility. It was also played at bachelor “parties”. The men would gather and play a horo, so they can seduce the ladies and then the females played a horo, too, to show off, so that the richest and bestest bachelor in the village would pick them as his wife. After the choice has been made, on the very same night, the men and the women dance together, kind of like a foreplay. The female plays it all unreachable, whereas the guy is trying to get closer to her (that’s all in the dance, those are steps that represent that). And a fun fact! All of this showing off, through dances has gone to a whole new level. A new dance has been born, it’s called nestinarstvo and it’s basically playing horo over fire. You just set a fire, wait for it to stop and you go into the circle of hot, glowing red charcoals. And you dance. The strange part is that the youngsters go into some kind of transe, before jumping in and when they go out, their feet are…well, normal. No burnings, no nothing. WEIRD.

Anyway, now we play horo only in taverns/weddings/drunken parties, as a way to show our respect for our culture. And it’s fun.


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