Monthly Archives: October 2010

“Oh, god!” I told you, you can just call me Stefani…

*says hello in foreign language* Soooo, what’s up? I had this…thingy. I honestly hate the english language. I had an exam and I had to write it in paper. It wasn’t a test, it was one of those hard exams, where they give you 3 topics and you have to write 5 sheets of paper […]

the week

And good Sunday to you! It’s been an interesting week, I must say. Well, not THAT interesting, but you know…it was alright. I saw 4 dead cats in 4 days in a row, that must be karma, haha. The weird thing is, people expect girls to be all like “awww, that poor sweet little kitty, […]

Duckface. Smile.

Just something short. Why do teenagers like to take drunk pictures of themselves? Why do girls make the “duck face”, which, in my opinion, looks like a swollen anus, but… Why do you film yourself with an almost empty bottle of alcohol? It’s not even good, why do you brag with it? I understand (partly) […]


Stars, black holes, planets… I saw a commercial on discovery channel yesterday…it’s space season and I’m back to being blown away by space facts. I think this will be interesting… Oh, gosh, where do I start?! Okay, so…we live on the planet Earth, right? It’s a small planet full of life and water. You’ve heard […]

I found money in my pocket.

And this is always good, right? 😀 I’m in a good mood today, even though I have all the reasons to feel like crap… But just because I’m supposed to feel down, I’ll feel great! Cause life is good. And yes – it’s only Thursday! And I haven’t started school yet. But you know, I […]

The thing.

Blogggyyyyy. What’s up? So I’ve been here and there these past few days. Basically, there’s this thing, where you go and they take pictures of you 😀 A photo session, but not quite. Anyway, I went there with one of my classmates, so we could get some nice stills. And we did…kind of. You be […]

пиша, трия, пиша, трия…

Well, hi there! Haven’t posted anything in a long while, but I’m kinda out of stuff to write about. The weather here is horrible, I don’t even want to go out to the store. School is going good, I’ve decided that I’ll cooperate with the system, so the year passes quickly. So far, so good. […]