Staro selo / Old village

that’s the name of my practice restaurant.

And let me tell you all about it.

This year, in school, we have practice. In the kitchens of some 5 star restaurants. It’s a shitty job, since we’re basically not doing what we’re supposed to, they use us as ganitors and…just, I don’t like it. But it’s a part of the education system, so do we have a choice?


Today the teacher came with the restaurants and we had to group ourselves into small groups of 8 people for 4 or 5 different locations. I was the first to ask for a place in “Horizont”, cause this is “the shit” of the Varna restaurants. It’s also a disco and it’s located literally on the beach. Viktor and Rumen wanted to be there, too, and there were 7 other spots left, so they joined. With them came Vencislav, Damyan, Kameliya and one of the Vicky’s. Suddenly, the fat Victoria decides that she wants to be with us and we were exactly 8. And then I open my mouth about Ivana. She is in Turkey right now, but I know she would want to be with us, so I asked “What about her?” and my proposition was for the fat Victoria to move with Martina (who was also missing), cause they’re friends and all, and they’d be fine together, but they didn’t even listen to me. Victor said “C’mon, move to some other group, so we can take Ivana, so she won’t be bored” I said no, cause frankly, you cannot imagine the immansity of the fuck I do not give about how bored she is, when I’ve given up so much for her and she won’t even appreciate it. We went to sign up and Victor said “Don’t worry, I’ll sign all of you” and he did. Except, he wrote “Ivana”, instead of  “Stefani”. What a fucking cunt. Seriously. I did not know that, until I was the only one without a restaurant and the teacher asked me…no, TOLD me that I would be in “Staro selo / Old village”, cause the only free spot is there. And let me tell you about how screwed I am. I’m in one restaurant with Ivan, Stefan, Elvis, Miroslav and Valentin…and Hristo. Those guys (apart from Hristo) are a COMPLETE DISASTER. I mean it. They never liked me, I never liked them, we never talked or when we did, it was all swearing each other. I don’t care about their video games and porn sites. It’s not my problem that they’re having truoble getting laid, cause they’re nerds with a fucked up attitude. I don’t want to work with them. And how come I am the only girl in the group?

And “Staro selo” is a bulgarian old food restaurant (kind of like what I posted in my previous blog), which is not bad, but I wanted to be in Horizont, something modern full of young people, you know…And Victor fucked me up. I am not as angry about the change (even though I am pretty frustrated about that, too), as I am having issues with understanding why my classmate, who I thought was a good…classmate, did this to me. Because little princess fairy Ivana wouldn’t be “bored”??? Don’t you just know, she gets everything she wants, EVEN when she’s not here. But they’ll need me soon enough. I have no intention of treating Victor friendly, as I did before. I am not below Ivana and I can strike pretty hard, too. 🙂 Wait and see. Wait and see…

//Stef – doesn’t want to work in a “tavern”. She wants “Horizont” and it’s too late. But it’s never too late for a “getting even”, is it?


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