The thing.

Blogggyyyyy. What’s up?

So I’ve been here and there these past few days.

Basically, there’s this thing, where you go and they take pictures of you 😀 A photo session, but not quite. Anyway, I went there with one of my classmates, so we could get some nice stills. And we did…kind of. You be the judge of that. Here are some of the shots! :

Well, that’s it. Pretty much, just random photos of me and my friend, Cveti.

The day was awesome, I must say…so many great memories from there. I’m thinking about going for some shots again on 24-th, but we’ll see how things will turn out.

But for now, I’m leaving you, I got an essay to write, so…

Good night, have a great…night? 😀



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