I found money in my pocket.

And this is always good, right? 😀

I’m in a good mood today, even though I have all the reasons to feel like crap…

But just because I’m supposed to feel down, I’ll feel great! Cause life is good. And yes – it’s only Thursday! And I haven’t started school yet.

But you know, I think that my program for the week just might be the best one so far. Everything is so nicely organized! And hopefully it’ll be like that for the rest of the year. We started off pretty good and we have a camp waiting for us in the distance! Yeeep, I just might spend my Christmas and New Year in Karlovo with the maggots. It was fun last year, but it was also kinda bad, so I’m still wondering if I should go. I mean…I would’ve been sorry if I hadn’t gone to Pamporovo, but then…It wasn’t the fun I thought it was gonna be. Yes, we smoked weed, we drang huge amounts of alcohol, we had crazy parties with chicks falling asleep in the middle of the dance floor, we broke a couple of doors, we broke the orders of the drunk teachers, we  risked our lives, we bonded in a way, we played cards…but there was something missing. Perhaps it was the dudes, who loved heavy metal, perhaps it was the weather…or was it the tv programme? I have no idea. I’m thinking…I should go this year, too, because it’ll be at least a little bit of fun and I like most of my classmates…I want to do something with them before I go away.

Oh, by the way, I’m thinking about pulling this big speech on June 30-th…it’ll basically be about how we all need to grow up just a little bit (which doesn’t mean losing the kid in us), cause it’s getting kind of old, behaving like we’re in 5-th grade. I’ll say everything I think about Victor, Rumen, Damyan, Ivana, Cveti…those I communicate with. I know for sure, some will be hurt, but that’s just how life works. 🙂 Well, I’ll do a speech if they can keep it quiet for 2 minutes, which is highly doubtful, but there’s like a decade to June 30-th, so…yeah! How come…out of 900 people in the fucking school, I’m the only one, who thinks like me (haha!)??? I’m not saying I’m something special and I’m more than the others, but goddamn it, don’t they have ambitions? I’ve always wondered that. Of course, I don’t know what will happen in the future, I might be the one, who will do the orders and they will be the ones, who’ll give them, but at least I have something in mind…

Enough with the future crap. I’m happy with the present. But I still can’t wait for 2011, it’s gonna be awesome! 🙂

By the way, this blog has no purpose whatsoever, so I’m sorry if it’s boring, I really don’t have anything to write about, I just felt like I’m getting distant from the blog, and I don’t want that, cause I like doing this. A year and a half now! I never thought I would be one of those people, who like to update this much, but it’s really fun. And I don’t have a lot of readers, so I can basically do whatever the hell I want. I had a ton of readers in my bulgarian blog, like 60-70, even more…but around this time last year, I felt like there’s nothing to say to those people. Everything I said there was commented in the reality and there were some people, who were affected and I didn’t want that. I still write in the bloggy sometimes…but now I know that nobody reads it, cause It’s so rarely that they don’t even bother checking the link. On one side, I liked having a lot of readers, but on the other, it was tiring having to explain myself every time I say something about someone. Of course there were random people, who would write and say to me “Your blog is awesome! I love your stuff, keep it up”, but I still get that sometimes…for this blog. It’s just not that popular. It’s ok!

Also, I’ve bought some products for my hair. I want to make it stronger, thicker and longer (well, maybe I’ll cut it again, but I like the thought that it grows quickly). And one of the things is…don’t laugh(!), a medicine for sheep. 😀 It’s for their fur. But it’s basically vitamins for hair, it works amazing on human hair, 50% of the usage of this product is for human hair….or masks for it. Can’t wait to try it.

Again, a random topic. I hate it, when my friends ask me how I am and I’m not fine, I tell them, and they say “You should be fine”. Ok, next time I’ll tell you what you want to hear, so you could leave me alone for once! 😀 I’m treating my friends as garbage. SORRY, you know I love you!

Oh, and yesterday my father called me on the phone, just so he could tell me how he was fucking a lot of girls, when he was my age, and I should be doing the same (not girls, but yes…). Honestly, this didn’t make me uncomfortable, which scares me. 😀 Gosh, I love my parents. Only I’m free to do anything. My mom is the same. She would go on about sex for hours and we would laugh together about some of her stories, which to some, may sound disturbing, but…Everytime I get home I’m like “MOM! You will not believe what I saw today. A sex god, he was so so so so hot!” and she would say “Did you talk to him, does he have a sexy dad?” :D:D:D:D This is just super fun, I think I’m the one, who thinks soberly. Even though my family is small, I see dad once a month and he’s sometimes annoying, I wouldn’t trade my parents for anything. I love them just the way they are! ❤ I’m glad I have the freedom that nobody my age has. They trust me and it feels good. What I’m going to do with their advice is another topic, but their words of wisdom are awesome! 😀

As an end, I’m going to post you a picture that I really like! Here you go:

Goodbye for now, wish you all the best!

//Stef – is once again in a good mood.


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