Stars, black holes, planets…

I saw a commercial on discovery channel yesterday…it’s space season and I’m back to being blown away by space facts. I think this will be interesting…

Oh, gosh, where do I start?!

Okay, so…we live on the planet Earth, right? It’s a small planet full of life and water. You’ve heard of the greenhouse effect, right? Well, if we don’t stop it, we’ll be dead, cause basically, Earth will turn into Venus. How so, you ask. Those two planets are “sisters”, which means they’re made of the same thing. Venus even had water once upon a time, it’s just an unfortunate twist of events, what happened there. The planet covered its whole surface with ash and so the heat of the core couldn’t go anywhere. The water evaporated, first into the ash clouds, and later on into space. And now, Venus is nothing more than a huge hot rock. But there might be a planet that’s full of life. No, there IS a planet with life, we just don’t know where it is yet. The closest star from our galaxy is 25 000 light years away from here, but it’s quite possible that there’s a “living” planet there. We sure won’t be the first to know, since it will take about 50 000 years to get a signal back to Earth…unless we come up with a speed 25 000 times faster than the speed of light, but if we could even reach the light speed, we would be able to make a time machine, go 50 000 years forward and get the message. But we’re not that advanced yet. We’re maybe 100 years away from being type 1 (out of 3) in the E.T life. The first one is being able to change your own planet (a.k.a weather, water). Type 2 is when you know everything about your planet and you go and start playing with stars, you move them, you see their core and stuff…And the 3-rd type is when you’re too bored learning about the galaxy, so you just travel around the universe, like a boss, searching for forms of alien life. We’re 500 000 to million years away from that 😀 . But even today, we’re making huge discoveries.

Black holes for example. How are they born? The answer is STARS. They form inside their core and start sucking gas until the star dies. And that’s what happens then:

This is a small dying star. But do you see how much energy it produces, while it explodes? Just a glimpse of that is enough do destroy our whole solar system. Fortunately, these things don’t happen a lot here.

Anyway, after this happens, the black hole (no bigger than 30 km) starts sucking everything. It’s gravity is so strong that when you get near the event horizon (the line between space and a black hole), the laws of physics, as we know them, don’t apply anymore, so there must be something bigger than that, to which the hole obeys. But we don’t know what that is. The time continuum also stops at the event horizon, which means that you can never see an object disappear into the nothing, because, to you, it will stop at some point and you can watch it stay there for the rest of eternity, while in reality, it falls into the hole for less than a second. And also, there’s no way you can survive the fall, because the gravity your legs will feel will be a lot more than what your head will feel, so it will be like you’re being stretched out by two different persons, only it will feel much stronger, until…eventually, you die. You’re literally being turned into a spaghetti and sucked by the hole.

Sometimes those holes can combine and turn into supermassive black holes. As a matter of fact, there is one right in the center of our galaxy. That’s why it has this shape:

the reason why we can’t see the hole is because it’s gravity is so strong, it pulls millions of stars near it and they spin SO FAST, you can’t even separate them form one another. But how can a galaxy form? Well, when all of those tiny holes got together and married, as you can probably guess, their gravity combined and it started calling stars from here and there. And since stars are made of gas and the hole likes gas, just like I like lutenica, it started feeding on it, until it couldn’t take anymore (I know, it’s weird, right? Cause that’s why they’re calles holes, they can never get enough. But I guess it’s a reaction from different types of gas) and it “vomits”, but not quite 😀 this big light, brighter than anything else in the universe, called quasar. And that’s how it looks:

Aaand that’s how a galaxy is born.

But wait, where do all the stuff the hole suck, go? “Nobody knows”, but not really. The math equations for the big bang are THE SAME with the quasar, so this means another universe is born every time a galaxy is born. Which means that all the stuff the hole sucks go into a different…universe. It has different laws and stars and planets, basically it’s another dimension. The other end of a black hole is called “white hole” and we have those in our galaxy too, but nobody knows where they came from. If what we think is true, there might be billions of universes out there…

And if we can understand those other laws, the black hole obeys, we might be able to go to different dimensions. And how cool is that? You do the math.

//Stef – Shabuyah, space season, yo!


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