Duckface. Smile.

Just something short.

Why do teenagers like to take drunk pictures of themselves? Why do girls make the “duck face”, which, in my opinion, looks like a swollen anus, but…
Why do you film yourself with an almost empty bottle of alcohol? It’s not even good, why do you brag with it? I understand (partly) if the bottle was Jack Daniels or some shit, but a cheap imitation of Chiochosan?!

Why don’t you smile to the camera a little bit more? Why do you insist that people think you’re a cheap whore? :

that’s not a random girl! This is Emilia, the girl from “a” class and the photo is from 8-th grade. What the fuck, Em…what the fuck?! I’d rather die than show myself to the world like that. But I guess she likes herself like that. From this year on, she’s on “alone” form of education, cause she’s really stupid (what a surprise), she can’t pass to the next level, her whole class hates her, and our whole class hates her…cause she stole Ivana’s 500 lv match last year and some money from her wallet, then she went to Stela and stole her cell phone. What she didn’t know, while doing this, though, is that we have cameras in the classrooms and they work…

What I really enjoy, though, is people like this guy.:

This is Krustio! One of the best 22 year olds in Varna! Happy, smiley and positive. I don’t think I need to comment on that one! Just looking at it makes me happy! The photo is made by Nick Hristov (also a great photographer).

So yeah, people! Smile more often and beat the shit out of Emilia if you see her somewhere! Thank you.

//Stef – “There’s a place down town, where the freaks would come around…” Get out of my head, you stupid song!


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