the week

And good Sunday to you!

It’s been an interesting week, I must say.

Well, not THAT interesting, but you know…it was alright. I saw 4 dead cats in 4 days in a row, that must be karma, haha. The weird thing is, people expect girls to be all like “awww, that poor sweet little kitty, why did you have to die?” and I was just…”Cat, move your ass somewhere else. The center of the street isn’t the place you can die” and Velina (the girl from the bus, we go home together) was looking at me weirdly and said “You are totally heartless. Why do you have to be all ‘cheer-up’ about it?” and I said “Well, it’s not like it’s my cat, I haven’t even seen this one until now, so I don’t see why I would cry about it. I like cats really much, but seriously, would you cry if I told you that my friend’s friend’s distant uncle died?” “But…it’s A CAT” Ahh, you women are hopeless.

Another interesting thing…I had one of my practices in school. The most boring 4 hours of my life, SERIOUSLY. I had to listen to Mr. Slavov talking about plates and glasses…and broken tables. I ended up looking through a make-up catalogue and choosing stuff to buy. How boring it must have been, really…

The second practice didn’t took place, because I decided that I prefer being expelled rather than having to stand this once again. Of course, I didn’t get expelled, cause I’m like one of the best students in the school and the principal has to have something to brag with (I’m not bragging right now, btw, it’s a fact that everyone likes me in school…). So what did I do during those free 4 hours? I went to avangard, the local coffee shop, drank a hot mocha and opened my math notebook. Yes, I do realize I sound like a nerd, but I had a quiz the same day and I had to look through the problems. Anyway, I nailed it. I did not get examined in OFKR, SO my day was pretty fucking great.

The english teacher is using me as an assistant. She said “teach your classmates to read and I’ll get you an A for the end of the year”. Honestly, I would rather make that grade on my own, without having to bust my nerves on Ayshe, Ziyneb, Miroslav, Svetlomira (It’s been 3 years, since we’re in the same class and I still don’t know if that’s how her name spells, but whatever), and the rest of the crew. If I wanted to be an english teacher, I would have made it clear by now. Besides, I don’t know it that perfect, so it’s a double edge knife.

But it’s bugging me that everyone thinks, that if I know something, I necessarily have to share it with the world. Well, I don’t want to. I have nothing against those classmates, but they literally know nothing and I DON’T have the nerves to teach them anything whatsoever. So ya. Thanks, but no thanks.

And wtf is wrong with the HHHZ teacher, honestly? Is she sexually unsatisfied or what? She’s so mean all the time and she speaks kind of perverted. “The wind blows, but I don’t”, about a student fooling her that he wasn’t in class the previous time. WHAT? Well, maybe you should, Ms. Koleva, maybe you should. You would make the world a huge favor. Ooooh, wait, I get it. You’re too ugly and lazy to pull yourself together. Uhh, I’m sorry. Mean time ahead.

The geography teacher is looking sexy ‘as fuck’, as the male part of the student body says. I think she’s doing it on purpose 😀 Wearing those short, short, short skirts with those tank tops, where her boobs are almost all out. She looks like a blond version of Megan Fox. I do admit, she’s pretty and sexy, but I don’t think it’s appropriate. I mean, she’s working at a learning institution, does she really have to dress like a whore…especially when there are at least 500 horny virgin male souls staring at her ass, when she passes through the corridor? 😀 Hey, just sayin’!

And today I was supposed to go to a group photo session, but I don’t think my face looks good enough today, so I passed ;D. Maybe on halloween…if I come up with something nice to wear as a costume. We’ll see.

And…I’m all out of things to say. Sorry for the avalanche of boredom, I’ve just spattered on your chest, but well…my life is normal, therefore boring.

//Stef – Have a great Sunday!


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