“Oh, god!” I told you, you can just call me Stefani…

*says hello in foreign language*

Soooo, what’s up?

I had this…thingy. I honestly hate the english language. I had an exam and I had to write it in paper. It wasn’t a test, it was one of those hard exams, where they give you 3 topics and you have to write 5 sheets of paper in 40 minutes, okay? That’s what an exam means in Bulgaria. We had it in microbiology (I figured that the actual translation of HHHZ is microbiology). My topics were:

  • phospholipids, sterols and polyunsaturated fat acids
  • protein functions and everything about the replacable proteins and the incomplete amino acids.
  • fat-soluble vitamins, characterization, molecular mass and their significance for the body + classification of  Vitamin B2 and foods that contain it.

And I thought she was going to give us something nasty like invert sugar or construction of carbohydrates plus classification, examples of each type (polysaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides) and list out the functions of each of these things and also list the foods that have those. Thank god, it was the easy way around, otherwise, I would’ve stayed in the classroom until now… But I nailed it, anyway… 😀 It feels so good to know that you’ll get at least a B in microbiology. Last year I had B for the year, but at least I knew about the anthropogenesis and the modificational variability. Anyway…

I still don’t know if I’ll dress up on halloween. It’s not that I don’t want to, I just don’t know as what. Perhaps I’ll be myself 😀

BY THE WAY, I was at a plane crash simulation on Tuesday. IT WAS SO FUN. I had to play an injured girl. We had a photographer, shooting the whole thing, but she was very…uh, not my taste, I don’t think she’ll be sending any pics (even though I gave her my e-mail address). But here’s what happened:

I had an iron stuck in my right arm and my bone was sticking out of the skin. Of, course, it was all make up and real blood mixed with something else, idk what. Gergana was basically faceless and we had 2 more girls with minor injuries in the plane. Everything was SO real (since it’s a secret services government sponsored…blabala thing). We even got  a real plane, snapped in two, in the middle of nowhere (20 minutes away from the airport)…

We got in the plane (with some other men, who played dead) and 5 minutes after that somebody threw one of those cans that produce smoke, so that it looks like we’re on fire. We heard the sirens, one of the fire trucks actually got stuck in the mud, but the rest came and started putting the fire down. We started SCREAMING for help and minutes later a few guys with gas masks all over their faces (from civil protection) came into the plane and we went hysterical, cause that’s what injured people do, they scream. They started taking the minor injured people out first (which is totally wrong) with the words “Jump over the dead bodies and come”…wtf? Anyway, they took Gergana on a stretcher and I started screaming for her, since I was last (as most urgent, but ya…). I decided that I’ve lost a lot of blood and went into shock. Those assholes came to me and the first one said “this one’s not screaming, what should we do?”. The fuck? I came out of my role and told them that people do tend to go into shock…they also got me out of the plane into a stretcher, one of the guys constantly touching my injured arm, so I screamed agonizingly and swore at him and his family to 9-th knee. He put my hand down, but from the movements in the rough ground, it was still going up and down and I continued screaming my lungs out for real help, cause there dudes sucked balls big time.

Then they just left me on the ground with my hand bleeding (if the wound was real, if they treated me like that, I could’ve bled to death, btw, cause nobody did anything to stop the blood flow, no bandages, no nothing…

I screamed (yes, this was pretty much all the time, cause I had to make their work a living hell, everybody that was injured screamed like crazy). One of the firemans came to me and started talking to his station “3 hardly injured, 3 dead…”, I pulled his leg and said that if they don’t give me medicine, I’ll strangle him and the dead will be 4. He laughed. What’s so funny? I’m dying you idiot! Anyway, then they got us into an ambulance, took us to the airport and left us there and it was over.

From what I got, I can judge that our civil protection/police/fire department/ doctors are pure shit, but their gear is too awesome. They don’t deserve to drive these machines or to wear those uniforms…I would’ve been dead if it were real. BUT it was fun, can’t deny that . 🙂

Well, that’s for now, monkeys! See you soon!

//Stef – God.


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