Monthly Archives: November 2010

The awesomest performance ever.

Sorry for posting in here for the second time today, but YOU HAVE GOT TO LISTEN TO THIS AND IT CANNOT WAIT: I’ve had this in my youtube favorites since forever, but I just remembered how great it was. I love everything about this, and especially Kurt Nilsen’s voice (the dude at 2:05, the winner […]


You know the song?! Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, I drink to that! Oh, let the Jameson sing in, I drink to that. Don’t let the bastards get you down, turn it around with another round, there’s a party at the bar, everybody put your glasses up and I drink to that… I’ve no idea […]

Ups and downs

Wasup. Ken u imagin, ai laik tu rait laik dis, uen ai wont tu piss somuan off. iT meiks dem tink “ENGLISH, MOTHERFUCKER! Can you speak it?!” The past 3 days have been eventful…in a way. First, I saw Miro (the Eurovision guy) in front of my school building and that was weird. Cause I […]

What’s wrong with the male part of the world?

Hey blog! What’s up? Just a brief drift: A random brunette stopped me today on my way to the airport and told me she had just seen 3 green trolls coming out of a mine and in order to destroy them, I must run into a wall. Sounds legit. But the topic for today is…yes, […]

Heeeeey (glad to actually say that)

SO! A lot of stuff happened, not one of them interesting, but…that’s what you get. First, can you believe that both of the computers in the fucking house shut down for like 3 days? BOTH OF THEM. at the same time. The parent body went nuts, cause believe it or not, she’s more addicted to […]

Hey hey hey

Zdraveite oligofreni! How’s you? I’m great, thanks for asking. Okay, so if you still don’t know, my computer is a total piece of shit and it won’t turn on. So I’m left with using my mom’s comp (when she’s gone), until I get myself a decent laptop. But that won’t be soon, because I’ve decided […]