Hey hey hey

Zdraveite oligofreni!

How’s you?

I’m great, thanks for asking. Okay, so if you still don’t know, my computer is a total piece of shit and it won’t turn on. So I’m left with using my mom’s comp (when she’s gone), until I get myself a decent laptop. But that won’t be soon, because I’ve decided that I want to have a bit of an internet break, cause this is really addicting. This doesn’t mean that I’ll stop updating my blog…completely! I am going to write here, but probably like once a week or even rarely.

QUICK UPDATE: I’VE FINALLY FOUND SOME PIG OIL. And this is fantastic, because this means I’ll be able to do my hair mask TODAY. Yessssss. Don’t mind me for putting pig oil and gas and trivitamiol in my hair…it’s reasonable, I swear.

On another note, the days here have been very warm. 22 degrees yesterday and 24 today! My, my, I guess I didn’t need to carry that jacket with me all day, after all… But I’m starting to wonder when will it get as cold as it should. It’ll be a bummer.

Anyway, I had practice today. Very good one. I was a “chef”, it was so fun! I got to cook “purlenki” with bulgarian cheese and a special sauce. IT WAS AWESOME and it tasted like heaven. The whole crew in “Old village” tavern is very friendly and the kitchen is quite the fascinating thing, I’m telling you! The size of it is probably 2 times my house, but it’s perfectly understandable, as they have to serve 1200 people every night. Bai Ivan (the owner) was very sweet, he gave us a huge chocolate cake “for zu Hause”, so the whole class was eating sugar like crazy. I was happy to hear that in “Horizont” the team apparently treated my classmates like shit and made them wash dishes and pans. They (most of them) deserve it 🙂 . And my tavern is the coolest. I go there at 9, we drink coffee with the staff until 10, we put on our chef uniforms and we start cooking! Heard that? COOKING, Horizont losers! The waiters (also from my class) were like the shittiest waiters you’ll ever meet. They were folding 15 tissues for 10 minutes, wtf? I got through 20 kg of cucumbers for that time! But they’re “nacakani”, since they don’t get to eat, but we do :D. Bai Ivan was all like “Taste this, taste that!” and Zhivka (the “executive” chef) was just giving orders “WE HAVE LAZARSKI PALACHIKI, everyone! Chop, chop!”. And we were laughing the whole time, cause she was quite…not mean, but she was taking it hard on Vladimir. She was like “Get a good grip on those carrots! Do you masturbate like that? Like a 10 year old girl, trying to be a woman! Go, go, go, get it good!”. And then she said that we were the best today and she would give her best grades for us to the practice teacher. And about that, Martina said “Yeah, give some credit to Vlado, hopefully it’ll get his rating up and running and he won’t be a virgin anymore”. Whoooooa, harsh. Me likey mean girls.

Other than that…I have an A (or a 6 in our standards) in OFKR. Cannot believe it, actually. But there you go, I’m getting smarter. 😀

Aaaaaand ofc, some students are still pissing me off and are making me count the weeks until the end of the school year, but there is one good thing. I’m 100% going to the school camp. Good, good, how good can it be? Good enough, I say.

But right now my mom is really getting on my nerves with wanting me to start a job as a translator from english to bulgarian. I hate when she thinks that I know it perfectly and I can make “a small fortune” out of it. If it was Zulu, maybe! Everyone knows english, goddamn it, and I have no intention of doing such a boring  job, just so she could be happy, Jesus.

//Stef – I have a pig oil.


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