Heeeeey (glad to actually say that)


A lot of stuff happened, not one of them interesting, but…that’s what you get.

First, can you believe that both of the computers in the fucking house shut down for like 3 days? BOTH OF THEM. at the same time. The parent body went nuts, cause believe it or not, she’s more addicted to the internet than me. So we went and got the laptop from one place and now everything is fine (my comp is fixed, but I refuse to use it, cause it’s just too much nerves to handle). But I’m both bored and having a great time without the computer. Seriously, it’s weird that reality can be so…dunno, nice?! I sleep twice as much and go out a lot…

Speaking of out, can you imagine how 25 degrees look in November? “ЕБАСИ ТОПЛАТА ЕСЕН”, I would say. How can it be THIS hot? Usually we have snow by that time. The only cold days were the last 2 ones (13 degrees). I love hot weather, but it’s about goddamn time to get cold already. It’s unnatural going to the beach in the eleventh month of the year, in the northern hemisphere…just sayin’.

My grades are exceptionally high right now, I wonder why that is (not because of the lack of internet, that actually pulls me back.) I have a theory that I got smarter. HAHA! Who am I kidding, the material is just easy. And by the way, people say that this grade is the hardest one, then the last one is a piece of cake (if you don’t have to study for university exams, but that’s different), since we’re basically remembering old stuff. And we have no shitty subjects like Chemistry and Physics, and Biology, and Geography, and microbiology, and PE. We’re left with just Bulgarian, Math, History and the special subjects. HOW COOL IS THAT?! I know, I repeat myself for the 100-th time, but Oh my gosh, I can’t wait for the end of the year, everything will be easy from then on.

Oh, oh, oh…I got a scholarship for my good grades. I have an average of 5.83 (of 6) and you get the money if you have 5 or more. The amount of green paper they give us as a reward is worthy of wiping your ass with it, but at least you get it every month, just like periods (lolwut?). We get 22 lv. and that’s enough for a nice t-shirt or a really nice lunch at a cool restaurant, or just beer money for 2 or 3 days. But I’m happy that I’m being “remembered” by the government, it’s such an honor (no, not really).

Another interesting thing is that I’m sick. Hello free week. 5 days until monday and they’re all mine! I’m wondering what should I do. Friday, I’m going to the airport for free food. Why would I travel more than 25 km just so I get something for free? Well, I have to go anyway, to take my charter/diploma thingy for the simulation I went to, like 3 weeks ago. And the food is just a bonus. Besides it’s fun to eat at the airport for free, where a bottle of water (500 ml.) is 8 lv, which is pretty much 750% more than what it should be.

I have lost 12 kg in the recent months, btw. Starting from September 21-st up until now. I still feel extremely fat, but I’m very close to my goal. Just 5 more kg. This is by far, the biggest weight loss in my life and I’m really proud of myself for not eating sugar and junk food. I intend on cutting it as much as I can even after I stop dieting. I feel great and I can feel even greater. Of course, I cannot stop it completely, cause I basically live for it and unhealthy food is often sweeter than sex, but I’ll have junk food like once every 2 weeks or so. And I’ll try to make it as healthy as possible. Cause I’m feeling like it for a long time now. =) (that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about double coated chocolate cakes with strawberries or pancakes with maple syrup, or a large family sized pizza Bundy with so much pepperoni, melted cheese and onions, I could barely fit a slice in my mouth, lol). And strangely, I’ve been craving salt sesame bagels and puffs, lately. It’s weird, cause I don’t usually like these. Hmm.

Aaaand I think that’s about it for now.

Talk to you soon! ❤




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  1. darioalejo · ·

    get well soon and I’m glad to read all that good stuffs =)

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