You know the song?!

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, I drink to that!
Oh, let the Jameson sing in, I drink to that.
Don’t let the bastards get you down,
turn it around with another round,
there’s a party at the bar, everybody put your glasses up
and I drink to that…

I’ve no idea why I love this so much. That “yeah yeah yeah” part (sang by Avril Lavigne) is kinda ruining the song’s vibe for me, but it’s alright as long as I pretend not to hear it.

And lately I don’t have a lot of occasions worth a toast, but hey! The weekend is great. And I kinda link the song to my immature problems. I’m absolutely sure that I’ll one day dream for those days, when the only thing I have to worry about is school. BUT, I do feel crappy at times, because of Victor and a couple of dudes more. They’re SO pushing it and one day ‘ll just step on them, but it won’t be soon.

Anyway, I thought…why would I need an occasion to be happy, when I can feel great all the time. Life’s what you make it (so let’s make it rock). So I’m thinking…should I rock my life one step further by going to Karlovo for the holidays…and possibly talk to someone, who might blow me off (big nightmare), or would that be too much to comprehend in just one rocking month of my rocking life?

Oh, by the way, the worthless piece of human flesh, Venceslav has once again tried to publicly humiliate me AND he tried to talk Mitko against me, but he’s so stupid, he can’t even do it right. It didn’t work and I’m so happy that he’s annoyed right now…

But seriously…the big dilemma. Should I speak, should I just leave things as they are? I thought I can’t stay still and do nothing, but after June 2010, when I swallowed my desire of talking (that has been there since April), I think I can do this. Keep my mouth shut, I mean…cause usually every time I ask myself if I should tell someone something, I always end up doing it. And you’re probably all tangled up right now, but trust me, even I can’t understand myself. Everyone are saying “Talk, write, sing, just do something in the direction you want”, but ya it’s easy for you, when you don’t have to take a risk, right? It’s a russian roulette I’m talking about here, I can’t just…do it. I either die from embarrassment (most likely) or everything goes great and I possibly make a new friend (last part also doubtful). I’m here with this big information and it’s completely useless to others, but my mouth itches to tell it. Only 2 persons know about it, but even if they’re reading, they won’t know what I’m talking about, BECAUSE I can’t write readable. Sorry, I’m stopping.

Just tell me “yes” or “no”??? Thanks.

//Stef – Is onto another song right now…I’m a music whore.



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  2. so it be! But not immidiately 😀

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