Monthly Archives: December 2010


Merry Christmas!

Yes, I know it’s kind of too late, since it’s 00:43 now, but oh well! So I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I know best, I suck at wishing stuff, but I can at least try, right? This is probably the last post of the year, since I won’t be here until […]

My top 5 funny videos!

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me! – “S&M”, play this song, it’s Rihanna’s. IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!! So back to the topic, today we’re going to look through my personal top 5 funny videos on youtube. Of course, there are loads of other hilarious videos that can make me cry, […]


So…I don’t even know. There’s so much to blog about and I’m probably going to miss on everything, think of a random topic and go along with it. So let’s make a list of what I want to talk about (I hate forgetting things) My awesome dream last night. The holidays Brain my dad The […]

Monster Philosophy!

if i’m going to be anything more than average, if anyone’s going to remember me, then i need to go further in everything: in art, in life, in everything they think is real: morality, immorality, good, bad, i, we, have to smash that to pieces, we have to go beyond that, we have to be […]

Note to self: update more often. Go eat. Finish the Physics project.

Happy Holiday! St. Nicholas day, or Nikulden, as we call it! Happy Namesday to every one who’s name is somewhat related to Nicol(e), Nicolay, Nikola, Natali and so forth… I wish you all the joy in the world and let your name bring you good luck and health…and fish, I guess. Honestly, I don’t get […]

Expectations vs. Reality

So yes? ( 😀 ) I’m not going to go very deep on this…I think. This is just something that I’ve been meaning to write for a while now. Expectations vs. Reality. What does this mean? You go to your dad hoping that he will give you 800 lv., but instead he gives you 20 […]