Note to self: update more often. Go eat. Finish the Physics project.

Happy Holiday!

St. Nicholas day, or Nikulden, as we call it!

Happy Namesday to every one who’s name is somewhat related to Nicol(e), Nicolay, Nikola, Natali and so forth… I wish you all the joy in the world and let your name bring you good luck and health…and fish, I guess.

Honestly, I don’t get why everyone are eating fish on this day. So WHAT he St. Nicholas was a fisherman 😀 ??? St. Ioan was a doctor, but we don’t eat people on his day, right?

Anyway, even though we had a really “shiban” exam in maths today, the day went rather nice. The first 3 hours of school went by SO quickly and the psychology came. Why does Ethics has to have such complicated topics? The weird thing is that they actually make you think and it’s annoying being so existential 3 days a week. But I like the subject, it’s nice. :} The teacher though is kinda pissing me off. Her subject is all about expressing your OWN opinion, and I happen to have one almost all of the times, but she disagrees every time and BLAMES me for thinking what I think. Just because I’m “for” abortion, when needed, doesn’t mean that I have to listen to her babbling about why is it wrong to do it. I have my arguments, too and your trying to shove your opinion down my throat won’t change my mind, sorry!

I took a photo of Mr. Jelev, btw! He’s the craziest german teacher you can possibly meet, but he looks so innocent and kind:


Jelev reading Cvetelina's homework

Also, I have 2 more photos of Ivana and me and Rumen & Ivana:


Ivana & me, faking "attention paying 100% loaded"

Rumen: Film me nooot! Ivana: I want to tickle your armpit (that's actually what she was saying, I just captured her with a closed mouth)

And I think that’s all I want to blog about…I don’t know, all of a sudden I’m sleepy and don’t want to do this anymore (finishing the post, I mean)

Pergaps it’s this Serbian song’s fault?

//Stef – Finally watched all of Gossip Girl!


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