Monster Philosophy!

if i’m going to be anything more than average, if anyone’s going to remember me, then i need to go further in everything: in art, in life, in everything they think is real: morality, immorality, good, bad, i, we, have to smash that to pieces, we have to go beyond that, we have to be brave. no limit.

And even though I have yet to write 6 themes and 2 essays for the literature exam tomorrow, I’m here, writing in my awesome blog (well, I have my notes on, but it still counts).

So, I’m on tumblr –> –> This used to be my bulgarian blog, but I snapped and started posting and reblogging nice pictures and quotes. What I don’t understand, though, is why do we have to have followers there? Do we really have to know how many people like our posts, this thing is getting into me. I keep wanting more followers (currently having 73), and I know that it’s not right, that tumblr is not about followers. But there are bitches on there, who keep writing in my ask box, begging me to promote them. Shit son, I’ve never been promoted, and I never will. You run your little blog just like I run mine and if it’s any good, you’ll get followers. I know this girl, she started in september and has like 50 000 followers already! So basically…you don’t need me.

I don’t really like tumblr that much, that’s why my main blog is on WordPress, but there are some pretty neat pictures on there. ;D

Also, 99% of the tumblr accounts belong to girls, who are like from 13 to 20 years old. As you can imagine, they think they’re super fat, ugly, creative, original, beautiful on the inside…and forever alone. I hate when they’re shoving their imperfections in my dashboard as if I would like to know about them. And one post says “omg, I’m SO FAT, I’m on a diet from tomorrow on” and the next post is a reblog of a tripple cheese coated bacon and ham pizza. Just…I’m being like Kingsley right now.

So, I’m going to link this post to my tumblr blog, and I have a statement:

GIRLS!!!! Stop being so hard on yourself. If you want to eat junk food, fine. But don’t spam me with your self offensive comments about how weak willed you are. Just don’t, cause it’s pissing me off. I think you’re pretty, cause you’re human, okay? Worst case ever, you won’t get to have sex with Ian Somerhalder. Dream big, do fun stuff, eat what you want, without stuffing yourself to death with it, make home-made things, so you can feel useful, even if your parents tell you you’re not. Don’t think about money, so you can buy all the pretty clothes and when you actually get some, go and buy something you’ll regret taking, the minute you get home. Instead, go through your closet, cut a top or two and make something nice you can wear. Also, listen to a lot of music, write some inspirational quotes and put them on your wall, so when you’re thinking about backing down, you can see how strong those motivations are, K? Fucking K? Thanks.

As of a month now, I have my own “Monster philosophy”. It includes listening to a lot of D.A.D, eating healthy stuff I like and basically being happy with my self and shit…

So here you go, one of the best songs ever:

//Stef – Monster Philosophy girl.


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