My top 5 funny videos!

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me! – “S&M”, play this song, it’s Rihanna’s. IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!

So back to the topic, today we’re going to look through my personal top 5 funny videos on youtube.

Of course, there are loads of other hilarious videos that can make me cry, but these are the ones I watched like 10 times each.

So here’s the first one:


I love how he already has the bag of coccaine ready to slap her with, as if this happens on a regular basis. And now black people may think “You frigid white bitch! Niggas ain’t no drug dealers!”, but come on? What did you think? Flour? Na’a! But anyway, I bet Ursula was like “OH NO YOU DI’IN’T. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU FINNA TRY?” (whatever that translates into english). He literally slapped the black out of her 😀 hahahaha! And I love how she’s all “MA’?!” in the end. The momma actually filmed this whole thing? Hilarious! I took this from Ray William Johnson…well, all videos are from there! I’m a faithful subscriber. 😀 Moving on, shall we?

AHAHAHAHA, wait what? This is so awesome, I’m deffo doing it at home. So is this a laughing therapy or is it some weird aerobic shit? Either way, I was like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? You know that awkward moment, when everyone is laughing at you, instead of with you? Ditto. I’m sure that no matter how thin this excercise makes her, still…nobody would go near her. 😀

I like the part when she laughs…basically! This never fails to cheer me up. If you don’t laugh at this video, you’ve got problems. This is terrifyingly hilarious. And just hear her awesome retarded laugh at 0:58. NEED I SAY MORE???

What kind of a moron gets OWNED by his shoe? Give that man a car, he’s too drunk to walk!!!! I love this video, cause he spends 1 minute in putting his flip-flop on and then he trips and this time he looses both of them. Poor guy. But apparently there’s no such thing as “too drunk to be hitting on girls” 😀 Here’s a part of a comment: “you try putting on a flip-flop when the ground is a giant marshmallow… @.@”. I agree…dunno why, but I do. He showed that shoe who’s the boss! Definitely!

OHMYGOD, the Panda commercials. I adore all of them. There’s just too much awesomeness going on. I cannot help it, I laugh every time I see one of those 30 second commercials. They are lovely, they are the bomb. I want to try that bloody cheese. Hell, why doesn’t Bulgaria have this panda? WHY????

Well, these are my top 5 funny videos…hopefully I’ll update my collection soon 😀 For now…have a laugh and take care!

//Stef – My hair is now short and reaches a little above my shoulders. I love it this way, especially when it compliments my naturally curly hair <333


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