Merry Christmas!

Yes, I know it’s kind of too late, since it’s 00:43 now, but oh well!

So I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I know best, I suck at wishing stuff, but I can at least try, right?

This is probably the last post of the year, since I won’t be here until 1-st of January, so I’ll speak for both Christmas and New Year! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, I know I did! Brain (Tsvetelina) came just in time for me too see her exactly on 25-th of December, so I’m really happy, I haven’t seen her since September and I really missed her very much. She says it’s good in England, so I’m going to believe her <33 !

And to you, my awesome readers I wish a lot of christmas cheer throughout your lives, cause love is what the world is all about! ^^ I wish you a lot of celebrating occasions and I hope your smiles never leave your face! I also hope you’re having a really great time in this thing called life and I genuinely want you to be fine! And what presents did Santa bring you? 😛

As for the New Year…2010 was a bitch, but I know 2011 will be spectacular. It has to be! And not just for me…it will be great for everyone. I’ve never been so happy to say hello to the new year. New mountains to climb, new goals to achieve, semester almost ending, new me! This will be the beginning of my true life, I’m sure. And it will be hella cool! As for you, I wish you all of the best and this is coming from the bottom of my heart, it doesn’t matter who you are, you deserve it! For you, I’m sure the year will be full of new opportunities, new projects and new friends. And here, I want to make some people really stand out:

Brain! You know you are my very best friend, I loved you for as long as I can remember myself! I hope the new year will bring you a lot of happiness, even though that you’re not home. I hope you have the time of your life with the university life. You’re the best girl in the world, you deserve everything you have and more. I know you will stay with me for life and this year will be a leap towards greatness for you, I’ll be there and will be so glad for you! And god forbid, no one is going to die, I’m sure! 😀 It is getting ridiculous, isn’t it?

Tage! Hey, man, you should have one of the best years of your life! I genuinely like your character and you’ve made me smile so many times, if I could get a dollar for each one of them, I’d be a millionaire! I don’t exactly know what your goals are for this year, something in professional aspect I suppose? Well, you should do all the promo shots and all the music videos of every finnish musician! And I hope you have a lot to do with Rasmus and Anders, they sure are also fun. You’re a really nice trio :D. Also I hope you stay as cool as you are now. You’re one of the few people, who I haven’t met, but dare to say they’re awesome, so start your year in the best possible way, you hear?! Hopefully we could finally do that thing for the documentary in these 365 days and 6 hours, haha!

Dario! Yeees, you. Don’t get sentimental, please! Ok, have a great time with your family in Colombia and go back to the bulgarian restaurant, when you get back to Madrid. You should totally try “surmi” and the unspicy lutenica. 😀 Please, please, please don’t wish for me to stay forever as your friend, cause those things creep me out. But I do have some lessons to teach you (yes, there are more, haha), so I’ll be here for quite a while. For the new year I wish to myself you’d stop caring so much for my opinion and what I think. And it would also be awesome if you stopped thinking you’re making me angry, cause you’re something else in these moments, ya? Have a great holiday, a great new year and try finding the important answers in yourself! Ahh, what the hell, I send you a hug :}

As for me, I’ll be in Karlovo for the next 5 days and I will spend my new year with Brain, it will be awesome. Maybe I could post pictures later? ;D Well, I should really go to bed now :S. Good night, fireflies!

//Stef – Merry Christmas and happy New Year


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