1-st semester, very good!

Hey, you!

It’s the beginning of January, it’s cold outside, my heat is off and I’m burning hot. I don’t know if I’m getting sick or if it’s on of those “hot waves”, but please let it be over soon!

So anyway! I thought I’d share with you how awesome I’ve been lately. Even I can’t believe it, I have good grades in every subject in school. I know it’s not a big deal for you, but this will compensate my next year, when I’ll most certainly have bad grades at first, because of the language barrier. I’m proud to say, I’ve COMPLETELY mastered the art of the bulgarian grammar. Even the rule about, where to put “the” in front of nouns, which is different than the easy one in english and I’ve been struggling with it since 1-st grade. Ladies and gents, bulgarian grammar is not something you would want to get yourselves into, it’s horrible (in my opinion), so I’m glad I finally mastered it. I’m the only one with a complete “A” (or any A in that matter) in Bulgarian, not only in my class, but in the school. I’ll also end the semester with A’s in OFKR, History, the 2 kinds of German, English, Informational technologies, microbiology and Vocational practice. The B’s are for Math & Ethics.

But that’s cool, cause I’ll fix those next semester. And the Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Physics are without semester grades, cause it’s our last year of studying them and the classes are twice as less as they were the other years, so it’s like we have only 1 semester and we’ll have only year grades. But I’m doing great in all of those, so I’ll end them with A’s, too! Ha! In your face, grumpy Dimitrova, my diploma will be awesome…just sayin!

//Stef – keeping it smart, ahaha 😀


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