YFU Finland

I’m the happiest girl in town!

I knew they were going to contact me, but I was never certain and I never expected it to be this soon!

Sooo, I really have a lot to do, damn! Yesterday Pesho wrote me “Hey, happy new year! I wish you the best year of your life (see what he did there? Cause I’ll be an exchange student, aha!) I’m writing to you about Finland. I need your confirm on the matter, so I can send you the documents.”

Of course my response was “OHMYGOD AJDHDFJDH, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!?! CONFIRM, CONFIRM, CONFIRM!!!!!”…cause I’m so calm and easy!

So today Iris (the sweet german lady from YFU) sent me the documents Finland specifically sent to Bulgaria for me. She told me to ask her if I have any questions…okaaaaaay. The documents are so many, I could probably drown in them and I hate this part. Now, in less than 2 to 3 weeks, I have to get a new passport, photos, go to my school’s administration for my grades from past years, I have to go and fix my medical and dental record (and I have to vaccinations that are yet to be injected…so I have to get those, too). Then I have to give my english teacher these papers she has to fill, so that YFU knows how good my english skills are. I also need to photograph myself with family members (who are unfortunately in Dubai) and last, but not least, I have to go to this building that represents the ministry of finance, and get some kind of a document, I didn’t really get that part, and my mom has to go and pay like 1900 lv (approx. 1100 euro) to YFU for expenses on the program (cause my scholarship covers the tuition fee only).

The fun stuff: I have to write a letter to my future (possible) host parents, where I’m saying a lot about myself and kind of convince them that I’m the right choice for them. ^^ This should be nice…

And there’s this big word file filled with questions about me, my interests, any health problems, do I have a problem with pets and/or smokers in the house…stuff like that. And there was this field where they ask if I want to be somewhere specific. All of my “friends” (more like close to me people with finnish as their mother tongue) are saying “Pick Lahti!”, or Pori or Vantaa, or Oulu, or Turku, or Tampere, or Vaasa…what should I do? I have friends from all over the place, except for Helsinki, but all the pretty shops are there… *being torn* Should I listen to the friend or the girly girl in me? And if I choose the first one, I still have 1 million cities to choose from. I sense I’m going to end up in Lapland if I can’t make up my mind, haha! 😀 If you have a suggestion, please DO tell me!

And yeah…that’s pretty much it…for now. I’ll keep you guys updated. ^^

//Stef – The happy moment!


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