Hey everyone!

I’ve noticed a bit of stats rising recently, so I take it that I either have a stalker, or you’re just 1 or 2 more!

Well, this post is all about pictures I’ve never posted here  (from the camp), so here we go!

So here we are as follows: Poli (the geography teacher), Ivana, me, Stela!

This was after I had cried for an hour in my room and it was a part of Ivana’s “cheer Stef up” project!

And this is part 2, this time Encho is on the top, I have no idea what he’s doing there, but it cheers me up! 😀 And it did back then, too! After all, he was minutes away from almost chopping his finger off and look how happy he is…

This is step 2 of the project. It’s called “Get Stef drunk”. Cause lets face it, I couldn’t bare to hear one more chalga song, whilst sober. Those 2 other glasses of wine were mine too…in case you were wondering. P.S: My body looks weird here, idk why. I promise, I’m not that deformed in real life, hah!

This was a part of the actual party, after I got drunk. Well, obviously I wasn’t too out of order, cause I was moving properly and I remember every single thing that happened. Anyway, in the center you can see Encho blowing our minds with his dance moves. Right next to him (you can’t really see her, but the girl with the boots on the chear) is Ivana, trying to get on the chear and call me up for a dance. We did that too, but nobody took shots of it…oh well! Next to ne (with the pendari…the thing with the coins) is Dana, one of my classmates.

This is just…a random picture of me and a part of the females in my class. Just to show you how ugly we all actually are. 😀 On the top row: Dana and me. ; On the bottom row: Cvetelina, Maria Labakova, Ivelina and blondie Kamelia…I think Aishe took this one.

This one is one of my favourites! It’s Encho and Peter (Pecata) dancing on top of my head teacher, Stanka (her name has a joke about it, and from it we call her the Herr General). Little did she know that seconds after this photo was taken, they would’ve gone wild on her ass and start taking their clothes off and thowing them on her. Ah those boys know how to strip. Since we had our own DJ, he played “You can leave your hat on”. 😀 …

A random pic catching Encho, Maria Cangelova, Victor and in the backround  Pecata and Stela. 🙂

I CAN EVEN TELL YOU WHAT THIS WAS ABOUT. Were there, or were there not lions in Bulgaria. Kamelia was like “Are you stupid or something, there WEREN’T any lions” and Encho was like “Yeah, we all know how smart you are, just by the look of your hair. Don’t get on my nerves, there were mountain lions once!”. Turns out he was right. Who knew?…(except me)

I don’t even know…

And there’s 2 pictures from school for you!

only the fucking geeks are awake! They’re playing Belot. STILL.

Well, I think that’s enough for 1 time, yeah?

//Stef – Take care! xx


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