Why are women like that?

Hey, so lets start!

A lot of boys have been wondering what do women want (at least those that I know of). Well, I’m not every women (see what I did there? :D), but I can tell you some general stuff, that I’m pretty sure every girl would agree on.

Since you’re not only asking about love, I can tell you that we like clothes…and make up. A lot. We want to look beautiful for you, we want to be gorgeous. If you think we’re fat, we’d starve our asses off, just so you’re ok with our weight. You like the models from ELLE and Vogue, so we try to look like them. We wear a lot of foundation to cover up all the imperfections, we burn our hair with a straightener every single day, so we can look prettier to you. We live on an apple per day, but you have NO idea how much we love chocolate. We want to be tiny to you, we want to be more than perfect, we want to be worth loving. Why do you think most of the anorexia, bulimia and mental depression cases are girls? We ARE weak. Physically and mentally. So next time you say “what a fat cow”, think about how that would affect the girl.

We talk shit about each other, because we’re jealous of one another. Stacy likes Blair’s hair and Miranda thinks that Kelly has legs to die for…it’s all a circle. That’s why we hate seeing you with a prettier girl, it makes us feel like we’ll be forever alone, like nobody loves us and like we’re not enough for you.

When we ask you “does this dress look good on me?”, we don’t really want your honest opinion. Well, we do, but nobody wants to hear “Hell no, who told you that you can rock a short skirt?”. We want you to tell us that we’re beautiful, that you love us, that you can’t wait to show us to your friends (or whatever).

We tend to be kinda moody sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about you, quite the opposite! We care so much about you that we feel rejected, like you don’t feel the same way about us…that’s not pleasant.

And the PMS thing that you guys are always laughing about…I would like to stab your lower stomach and watch you bleed for a week. Lets see how happy you are then. That’s not something that should be mentioned, but apparently a lot of you don’t know that this CAN be really painful and you can’t expect us to be happy, when we’re curled up in bed, drinking pain killers every half an hour, wondering why were we born.

Also, a lot of you are thinking that all we care about is cars and money. That’s bullshit, we know nothing about cars. And the money part – we don’t expect you to be Mr. Trump, but you have to agree that you have to be able to support a family. It’s true, we’re in 21-st century now and women are allowed to work and vote as well, but what happens, when they get pregnant and cannot work for at least 2-3 years? Nobody likes to count pennies, so yes, we do look at your bank account, but we DO NOT (at least most of us) marry you because of it.

Believe it or not, we want you to be happy and we do have a heart. We’re sentimental and whiny and whatnot, but we’re also funny, generous, smart…and we have boobs. We talk/think about you more than you can imagine and we’re constantly wondering if you’re doing the same. A lot of times we’re disappointed, that’s why we cry at romantic movies. We think there’s no such thing as a soul mate and that we’re bound to be alone.

We also think about sex quite often, even if we deny it. We have an even dirtier mind than most of you, we’ve just learned how to control it…

As for me personally – I feel sorry for people like me. Ones, who’ve never been in love. Well, I’m not sad about me, I’m quite young after all and it’s not like I think about it all the time…but my grandma for example has never been in love. She married my grandfather, so she could get out of her home and be independent for once. The marriage was arranged, my grandfather needed a citizenship. She really tried to love him, but she was only 16, when she got married and all she wanted to do was play with the kids outside. He was 27 and ready for family, so they didn’t get along very well. When she finally gave birth to my dad and aunt, he started cheating on her…he was gone every night and random girls would come to the house and look for him. She never took it personally, she was never hurt. That’s sad in a way…

My mother, though, she was madly in love with my dad, I don’t understand why, but that’s another topic. And look what happened, she ended up being a single mom.

And if you ask me “what do you look for in a boy”, I’d tell you…nothing really. I just want to like him. It’s really simple actually, the moment I start looking for something in particular, I start digging a giant pit, into which I will later fall. Everything is nothing.

//Stef – ahhh, Sunday, why are you over?



  1. bananas are quite nice · ·

    hey there.
    i’ve been reading your blog for a while now and i can say it’s really nice and i think you share very interesting stories and opinions.
    but i don’t agree with you on that one and i’ll try to explain why.
    i don’t believe most women are like this. i really don’t. maybe teenage girls and young adults are, but then you realize there are more important things in life.
    yes, maybe clothes and make up are fun sometimes, but there is just so much more. every woman is unique, different and beautiful.
    it doesn’t matter if you look like the girls from the magazines, if you are curvy or even fat. every woman needs to learn to love herself. without the clothes, without the make up, without the constant comparing to someone else.
    and we are all so strong. because you know, we can take care of a family, cook, have a proper job and still find time to take a break. and in crisis we do everything we can to fix things without damage.
    so next time you say women are weak, please think about it (yes, here you offended me quite a lot 😛 ).
    so, yes, we are moody sometimes, and some of us think that finding a ‘soulmate’ is the most important thing in life. but it’s not. the thing that matters is being happy with who you are and not trying to match up to someone else’s standards.
    this is all i wanted to say :).
    take care.

  2. Hey, whoever you are!
    I completely agree and love your comment.

    I described how women act in times and justified some of their actions, but of course it’s not all about clothes, make up and men. We are women, but above all we are human. So your comment sums it up and I thank you for posting it. I’m on my way of discovering my inner beauty and I believe that every women is beautiful no matter how she looks and we need to remind ouselves that every once in a while.

    I do think we are weak, though. If we are determined, we can be so much better than men, but they are playing with our minds so much! Sometimes it’s hard to love yourself…when you see you’re not enough for someone. Actually, there are so many points of view, it’s never going to be only my opinion. I’m on both sides about this. Let’s put it like this…we can be very strong, but we are influenced by other people’s opinion and that can make us very insecure.

    And I think more people should think like you. If everyone were so open minded, the world would’ve been a great place…

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