The day…

‘Kay, so what’s up?

I went to bed at 2.30 am last night and had to wake up at 5.30 am. :((( Und das ist nicht das Schlimmste Teil.

Basically, we were supposed to go on a break, because there’s a flu thing going on and guess what happened? 3 people weren’t enough for the numbers to be high enough, so we could go on a break. Just so you get the pathetic picture, our town has 550 000 registered citizens (last check in 2001) and god know how many unregistered, cause the populations has been growing rapidly during these 10 years. So 3 people not being sick is just ridiculous. And the ironic part is that there ARE actually more than 3 people, who are sick, but haven’t gone to the doctor. Half of Varna is coughing in my face like it’s nothing special and I’m just looking for a direction to turn to (avoiding their germs). That’s just disgusting…

I decided today that I’ll skip german and will go with my class somewhere. It was so much fun…definitely more that I would’ve had in class. I was laughing with Rumen and Ivana, imitating Janica and Hristo was talking about surgically correcting his ears (cause they’re too stubbly). Victoria was smoking an electric cigarette and Victor was telling jokes about his cock.

Maria Vangelova was always trying to talk to me, which was kind of annoying, since I was trying to keep up with the interesting conversation, but it was also sweet,  she obviously likes talking to me. ❤

It was fun all in all. Wish we could do this every day, except we may not always ditch classes, hah. 😀

I swear, I don’t know how I feel about my class. Do I love them for being so awesome and open, or do I hate them for behaving like dildos for most of the time?! They piss me off so much, but I can’t help but smile every time I see our picture all together >.< This is stupid. I really hope I don’t miss them in the future.

And what else do I need to tell you? Nothing I think…except that I’ll be waking up early tomorrow as well, but I’ll be a free bird after that, I have no intention of getting sick, so I’ll just stay home ^^ 😛

And I wish you all a great day full of nice emotions!

//Stef – the nice cloud is over me…again.


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