Hey, everyone!

I’ve been away for a while…a couple of things happened…

One of my best friends found out about this blog and I overreacted, making her feel like shit, because of MY trust issues. I’m not going to say her name, because she left me with the impression that she doesn’t want the whole world to know stuff about her, but I have to say this:

My friend is an amazing person, she’s very loyal and understanding. She knows how to make me feel better, when I’m down and she’s the only person in my town with the same interests as me. I’m honestly honored to know her and she’s very special and important to me, therefore, I’m incredibly sorry for basically saying that I don’t trust her. I always stand behind my words, but I never meant to hurt her. I didn’t want my blog to be read by someone, who sees me every day, by someone, who can always ask what’s wrong or be curious about me and my problems.

My blog is my baby, I love it and I open up completely to it and everyone, who knows me in real life would be able to tell the difference between how I act here…and there. So, I didn’t want people to know what’s in my head, as harmless as it is….That’s basically it! And sorry for making my friend feel like she is of no value to me, I hope this doesn’t affect our friendship that much…cause she said it yesterday, it is already affected.

I love you and you’re a really good friend! I hope I keep you! 🙂




  1. Well, if you don’t want people you know to read what you write,you probably shouldn’t have wrote in on the internet.That’s like writing your name on the moon and expecting noone to see it.And if you still feel the need to share your thoughts and remain undetected,an alias is a good idea.You know,something like,not your name.And also avoid posting links to your blog at facebook or any other kind of social network.
    And now I’m in a kind of a deja vu,as I can’t really count how many times I’ve said that to people.Especially people who cry openly for attention,mainly by saying “DON’T DISTURB ME” and then opening all possible communication channels. It’s like going to the crowdest plaza and tossing your diary in front of everyone(That is of course if your head has limited storage and you need to place some things in a diary.)
    And not wanting to sound like a stalker or anything,but I’ve known you for a few years.You’re an interesting person and that’s why I find your blog interesting,even if I am not a person of many words and usually say nothing.I like reading blogs overall,especially ones with interesting stories about Japan.
    Oh,and it will be okay with your friend,you’re friends after all and that’s why trust is forged very slowly,but strongly tempered.Also,sometimes it’s nice to have someone mess in your problems.But not very often.

  2. Hey!
    I wanted my blog to be read, just not by the people, in front of whom I still can’t open COMPLETELY. And that’s why I made my blog in english, so less people could understand. For example my mother, or 99% of my classmates, who just love messing with me in class. I guess I’m not mad at anyone for what happened, because:

    1-st, I knew it was going to happen, I just didn’t expect to be as terrified as I was, because there’s nothing scary that I’ve written in here. I say what I think and everyone knows that. But it happened, I choked big time.

    2-nd, the right person started reading my blog…and I’m glad she did, cause now we’re breaking new grounds (so to speak). I still have a long way to go in order to be the person that I want to be with the people I know, but I really am trying!

    And I know that this looks like I’m looking for attention, but that’s not the case. I was doing very well with blogging without any of my friends actually commenting on my writings, I managed to keep a lot of things hidden for almost 2 years. I’m not sorry for anything, though. It’s about time that the world knows me, how I feel and what I think of the people around me.

    I’m not afraid of my blog being read by people, who I either don’t know or I’ve given the link to. I don’t want to be anonymous, I want to be me. This has taught me that nothing is as bad as it seems, and now I don’t give 2 hoots about who reads stiifi.wordpress.com.

    In fact, lately I’ve gotten more readers and I’m thankful that I have someone to communicate with in here, it feels like I’m telling a story instead of just talking to myself!

    Also I did not put a “DON’T DISTURB ME” sign on my blog, it’s just that I didn’t expect this to turn out into a big deal for me and people around me. I love my blog, I love writing in it, it’s my hobby and as any other normal person, I’m glad when people are sharing opinions and advices on the topic with me… So I don’t see why I shouldn’t give links out. I’ve protected myself from the people I need protection from, the rest is just details.

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