Random: from here and there

Hey, guys!

Let’s leave all the drama behind and start acting normal, ya?!

So, some things I want to talk about: cats & everything else!

I saw this show on Animal Planet 2 weeks ago…I think it’s called “Cats & Dogs 101”. Anyway, the episode was about cats and I couldn’t help, but fall in love with one of the breeds: Ragamuffin

This baby right here is my new obsession! It can weight up to 10 kg, without being overweight, it’s super lazy and loving, it’s a family cat, it doesn’t require much grooming and it’s down right gorgeous!

With the exception of last year, I’ve lived with cats all my life. I’ve learned that they are very energetic and always have a mind of their own. I’m in love with their looks, eyes, purring and healing abilities (yes, that’s right, when something hurts, they make it feel better). I’ve always wanted a big fat, fluffy, lazy and purring cat, but note my luck, I’ve always gotten the skinny, hairless and energetic cats, who almost never purr. Of course I loved them (all 4 of them), but they were just not what I want. They were stray cats, rescued from the streets, so I know I can’t ask for a lot from them, it’s in their blood to mess things up 😀 !

I was starting to feel lonely without a cat, because I’m not used to not having a furry ball on my lap, while I’m watching tv and I still hide the food, cause I’m afraid that a cat might eat it if it’s on the table. The Ragamuffins, though…they seem great! I love their looks, characteristics and just everything! Since I can’t have a cat right now (cause I’m going aboard and then I have to go to university), nothing can stop me from dreaming about a little, cute ragamuffin living in my house, causing me troubles and joy. Ahh, the excitement of being a parent! 😀 haha!

Another interesting thing – I’ve sent my documents to YFU Sofia and they’re already in Finland, we’re now starting to pay the fee for studying (yes, even though I won a full scholarship, it doesn’t cover all of the expenses 😦 ). My passport is ready, too! So I’m waiting for a phone call from YFU to tell me which flight to book. Buying tickets already? Awwwyeaaaaah, Finland is getting closer by the minute and I can finally feel it! YAY! Can’t wait!!! With 2 weeks of the second semester already behind me, I’m feeling great! My grades are perfect, I’m getting higher, my friends are as awesome as always and the movies and music videos just keep on coming! In less than 5 months I’ll be in the land of the lakes and I’m extremely happy!

But as the moment approaches, I have to think about what I need to take with me – certainly a laptop and a digital camera to capture all the great moments! But I have non of these things, so I’m starting to look at some things and offers, get educated on what my portable computer should be and how nice should my camera take pictures. I want a Dell Inspiration laptop and a Canon digital camera for now, but we’ll see how things will go!
And I also have to think about clothes and shit, which is also fun! But as I’ve said earlier in some of my previous posts, I’ll buy most of my stuff from Finland, cause it’s easier to see what I need on the spot. AND WE DON’T HAVE H&M or M.A.C STORES IN BG, WHICH IS A TRAGEDY! But no worries, my host country has it all…thank god!

I also want to show some appreciation for my aunt Mina, who turned 35 a couple of days ago. MY LOVELY AUNT, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I CAN’T EVEN!!! It’s hard to explain how attached I am to her and how I will try to make her happy in as many ways as possible. You just wait for me to start making money, it will be I, who will give presents away, spots will change. And aunt Mina is one of the few people, for whom I will gladly spend money. And the kids, too! Oh my god, I can’t wait to buy them some really cool toy and see the looks on their faces! I’ll be “kaka Stefi” and I can only hope I seem as awesome as my aunt looked like to me, when I was younger. Anyway, what I wanted to say was this:

I hope my aunt has a great life from here on, I wish her to forget all the pain she felt these past 2 years, I want her to be happy with her kids, live a long life full of big achievements, saturated good memories, friends, who love her and people, who realize how amazing she is. And if someone doesn’t see how lovely she is, it’s their loss completely! Happy birthday!!! Mom and I love you. 🙂

So now that I’ve talked about everything, I’m off to watch discovery science, or something, haha! 😀

//Stef – have a great Sunday, y’all!


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