Day 1 – 100 basic things about myself!

Hey, lovelies!

I found this 30 day challenge thing and I thought it would be a good idea for my blog, make it more interesting…

So, basic things about myself…let’s see.

  1. I’m 100% Bulgarian.
  2. I don’t like my country.
  3. I want to live somewhere aboard.
  4. I want to travel the world.
  5. I want to work with creative people.
  6. Fuck, I want to be creative, too!
  7. I’ve never been in love.
  8. I’m quite sentimental.
  9. I like looking at memories.
  10. I don’t hate anyone.
  11. I have few friends that I feel close.
  12. I like music.
  13. I like Rock (80’s more specific).
  14. But my favorite band is Sturm und Drang.
  15. I have a thing for Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.
  16. I also listen to a lot of Britney and sweet pop songs.
  17. I HATE waking up early.
  18. I like to drink at least 2 l. of water per day.
  19. My favorite fruit is peach.
  20. My favorite dish is Musaka.
  21. But my favorite food is lutenica.
  22. I’m a chocomaniac. Nutella, mmm.
  23. I actually really appreciate food.
  24. I’m liberal.
  25. I like people, it doesn’t matter what their race, religion or sexuality is.
  26. I want to have a male gay best friend.
  27. I want to be a good photographer (even if I don’t work it off).
  28. I like modern stuff.
  29. I’d rather stay home at night and be warm, than go to the beach to watch the sunrise.
  30. I like money…
  31. But I don’t choose guys over that.
  32. I understand nothing of cars.
  33. Or physics.
  34. Or Bulgarian geography.
  35. I’m good at learning languages and literature.
  36. I like the long existential talks with friends or strangers.
  37. I loooooove honey.
  38. I don’t like my hair, I wish I could just change it.
  39. I like my eyes, though.
  40. But I hate my face skin.
  41. But still…I have pretty awesome lips.
  42. My body is plump.
  43. I don’t like it.
  44. I always try to change.
  45. Yet I know that’s who I am.
  46. Sometimes I wake up feeling like a complete failure
  47. Sometimes I wake up feeling like the king of the world
  48. I’m learning to love myself, cause mom made me like that and she doesn’t make mistakes. And my dad has no word in this.
  49. I like summer.
  50. My favorite color is green.
  51. I like hot.
  52. I watch an insane amount of movies.
  53. I’m very friendly.
  54. Most people call me nuts.
  55. I just like to have fun, even if that means that I’ll have to entertain myself.
  56. I sing a lot.
  57. Whatever comes to my mind. Mostly children songs.
  58. Or really dirty ones.
  59. I talk louder than average.
  60. I like tea.
  61. I sometimes bother with school crap.
  62. I like my school.
  63. I only like 1/4 of my class, though.
  64. I have a lot of haters.
  65. I don’t give a fuck.
  66. I love fashion.
  67. It REALLY doesn’t show, haha.
  68. I love cooking.
  69. I can’t do anything, except a mess in the kitchen.
  70. My self esteem is average.
  71. I wish it could be higher.
  72. I’ll never give up hope!
  73. I don’t fancy anyone right now.
  74. But I want to.
  75. I’m serious about the things I want to do.
  76. But I could be pretty careless, too.
  77. I’m a single child.
  78. I have daddy issues.
  79. I love my mom to death.
  80. I like to dance in my underwear, when no one is looking.
  81. I like to sing in my room, too. My microphone is my hairbrush.
  82. I make goofy faces, when no one is looking.
  83. I like to talk to myself out loud…in english.
  84. Sometimes I imagine I’m in an interview and I answer questions.
  85. I like being in the spotlight.
  86. I hate my fingers.
  87. I love my nails.
  88. I have a pretty big make up collection, considering how often I wear make up.
  89. I can’t walk in heels.
  90. I’ve dyed my hair once (highlights only, never doing that mistake again).
  91. I cry rarely.
  92. When I do, everyone knows.
  93. I believe in ghosts and shit.
  94. I love watching documentary films. Animal Planet, Discovery, National Geographic and Explorer, FTW!
  95. I like the Simpsons a lot.
  96. I hate when people talk over me, but I do that very often, for which I’m very sorry.
  97. I’m going to be an exchange student in Finland for 2011/2012.
  98. I don’t have any masks. I am what you see/read.
  99. I don’t always tell the whole truth, but I rarely lie.
  100. My handwriting is weird, but I think it’s cool enough!
Well, here you go…100 basic things about myself! 😀
//Stef – See you in day 2!!!

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