Days 3 and 4

Sorry for skipping on a day, but I’m compensating!

Day 3 – My day in great detail.

Okay. I chose one hell of a day to describe, you’re in for no treat. I woke up at 15:27 pm. I know it’s late, but I went to bed at 3.30 am, so…

I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, took a shower…Then I went to the kitchen, grabbed the milk from the fridge and the cereal from the cereal shelf and I made myself a nice breakfast. Then I came back to my computer like a complete geek, I watched 5 episodes of Supernatural, cause people keep telling me to watch it and I’m pretty much bored to death, so I decided that what the hell, Sam and Dean, here we go! I’m currently on Episode 5, season 4, and I watched the ENTIRE season 3 yesterday, so I’m quite quick.

Anyway, 20 minutes ago I decided that I’m going to check facebook and see what my friends are doing…not that I care, but I’m killing time. Then I remembered that I haven’t checked what Tage is doing, so I went to his blog. Amazing stuff, but I was too lazy to send him a proper comment, so I just commented on one of his posts that I thought is funny. I then checked marianna’s blog and there was nothing new, so I left her page pissed as hell. 😀 Then I decided that if she’s not going to post anything new, I will! And I remembered that I missed day 3, so here I am…telling you how my day went so far. I wanted to go out, but unfortunately it’s really cold outside and even if it wasn’t, it’s not like I have anyone to go out with and it’s just plain stupid to go outside on my own in this cold weather. I’m thinking that I’m screwed tomorrow, cause apparently there’s a new wave of flu coming up and the RIOKOZ Varna(the institution that decides the health stuff) are having a meeting tomorrow at 11:00 am to decide if they’re letting us on a “flu break”. And it sucks, cause I JUST CHANGED SHIFTS, which means that I have to be in school at 7.00 am. So that meeting isn’t exactly helpful, I’ll still have a shitty Monday.

Day 4 – Where does my name come from?

‘Kay…so I’m going to say the story ONE MORE time, but that’s it!

Both of my grandmothers’ names are Stefka. But the name is old and it would be weird if my name is also Stefka, only grannies’ names end with an “ka”. For example, Ivanka (Ivana), Draganka (Dragana), Mariika (Maria) and so on. And we have this sort of a tradition to name our kids after one of their grandparents. It’s not obligatory, but you know…it makes your old folks happy. So my mom and dad decided that I’m going to be a Stefani (the more modern sounding of Stefka). And the name itself means Crown of capercaillies in Latin. WHICH on the other hand means a person, who is happy and peaceful, but yet dominant and has the qualities of “King Solomon”. So there you go…the meaning of my name!

//Stef – Until the next time, folks!


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