Day 5 – Five places I want to visit

Yeah, yeah, you know I’m always polite and say “hey” to you!

Here are the 5 places.

1. Helsinki – because I don’t know why. It’s not about the music, or the people, or anything. This city seems great and I WILL visit it if that’s the last thing I’ll do! Some things you just cannot explain. I feel connected to the place and that’s that!


2. New York – The Big Apple? The home of the Yankees, the Niagara Falls, come on, who doesn’t want to go there? Lot’s of stores, New York fashion week, Gossip Girl, Sex and the City? Great shows in a great city. Times square and all the concerts the celebs do there? Oh man, sign me up!


3. Los Angeles – Hollywood, Kodak Theater, Paramount pictures, Universal Studios, Disney Land, All the great movies and shows are there, including the movie stars and the great directors. I’m thinking about moving there, when I finish with university and everything. It would be great, especially for a career in the cinema. 😛 We’ll see.


4. London – Because, honestly, the British accent is awesome. Big Ben, queen of England, royal drama, hipster fashion, Alexander McQueen…what can I say…it’s a nice city. And I have a lot of friends, who live there, so yeah :D. I may pay a visit some day!


5. Paris – same reason as every other city. Looks awesome, it has macaroons, Ladureé, Dior, Channel, Gucci, Louis Luitton, Marc Jacobs and all the other great designer brands… Ahhh, all the sales and beautiful clothes and perfumes…I should definitely go to Paris… {}{}{}{}

//Stef – stay tuned for day 6



  1. Тодор · ·

    Oh, come on, Stef… New York and Niagara Falls? Seriously? They’re so different as … Varna and Melnik and the distance between is 666 km or 6h 20 min driving. :)))

  2. that is incredibly close for New York if you ask me! 😀 I mean, the distances there are huge, it’s the big apple after all!

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