Day 6 and more.

Hey yo!

I’m listening to Jason Derulo’s Ridin’ Solo and I’m feeling like a star, you can’t stop my shine! Paging Dr. Faggot…Dr. Faggot?!

Just a few brief sentences about the Oscars – Anne Hathaway is one of my most favorite actresses and I love her so much. <3333 And what was James Franco doing there? Is it because of all the 11 year old future sluts with the Bieber Fever? :D:D Haha, no, he’s okay, I guess. But I still won’t watch 127 hours…or anything else of his, unless I accidentally watch a movie that I didn’t know he was in. I HAVE to watch “The King’s speech”, I mean…5 oscars? This must be some good shit. As for the Black Swan – I don’t like the Portman lady, so I’ll think twice before I download that. The social network is a movie that was literally crawling on my nerves, I couldn’t watch it until the end, but it had to take some oscars…I mean, it’s Facebook…and Justin Timberlake! So I’m glad it won the not-so-prestige-ones. And I’m disappointed that Despicable me wasn’t even mentioned. It’s a great animation, I laughed my ass off with the minions. And as much as I like Toy Story, I was never that much into it, it made a lot more noise on the premiere than it should have. And that’s basically it…I think. Oh, wait. I like that everyone keeps fucking around with Morgan Freeman’s voice. 😀 I mean, it’s not just Alec Baldwin, it calms me down, too. And you are now reading this text in his voice…

The second thing – HAPPY 1-ST OF MARCH!!!!!!!!! The only Bulgarian holiday that lasts a whole month! Brief explanation – because of this dude, who was a warrior, and this nobel and helpful pigeon, we have this thing, called “martenitsa”. Get it? Because it’s March…ahaha, never mind. Anyway, the pigeon was trying to get this letter to the warrior, it was wrapped in a white string, but the poor thing had some enemies shooting at it and it got hurt, so it’s blood colored parts of the string  in red. So the white symbolizes bravery and devotion (or something like that) and the red – sacrifice and pain. And those two together are the month of March, which also happens to be the month in which our country breaks free from the Ottoman empire some years ago. So 3-rd of March is something like our Independence day. And we wear the “martenitsi” until we see a stork, who’s a sign of the early and bright spring…yep. You didn’t get anything. At least I wouldn’t if I were you, but I’m so lazy, and I’ve told this story like a 100 times, so…sorry 😀 Just enjoy my “martenitsi”

Aaand Day 6 – What band or musician is most important to me?

I’m going to have to go with Sturm und Drang. I know, the answer has been the same for the last 3 and a half years and I’m probably starting to sound like an obsessed freak by now, but there you go. Of course, I don’t think about the band 24/7, but their music is really nice and I don’t seem to loose any interest in what the guys are doing, so I guess I’m a fan. I listen to ALL kinds of music, and I really mean all kinds. Indie, Death Meal, Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam, Alternative, Oriental, R’n’B, corny Pop, Jazz, Soul, Techno, Dubstep, you name it. I feel attached to the heavy metal/ rock genre, the most, and what I like about SuD is that they’re so young (I mean, the new bassist just turned 17) and yet SO talented. They’re kinda close to me, not like Slash or Ozzy, if you know what I mean…that’s why I like them. 🙂 Or maybe even I don’t know.

//Stef – 4:05 and I still don’t want to go to bed. DAMN IT!!!!!!!


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