Sorry for being away for so long

Hey, you guys!

I’m finally up and running with my blog, hopefully for a long period of time!

I haven’t posted anything lately, cause I just wasn’t feeling like it. I was bored and at the same time I felt like I have nothing to blog about. But no more! Let’s see what happened to me these last few days.

First of all, I’m so pleased with myself for keeping up my good grades…except in math class. So…I love solving the problems, but right now I don’t understand anything. I mean, we have to use theorems from 5-th grade + sin, cos, tg, cotg and I don’t thing that’s hard you know, what’s hard is having to think exactly which one of all the theorems I have to use. There are like 300 of them, HOW SHOULD I KNOW. And the teacher writes on the board so quickly, my brain is occupied with copying everything, instead of actually thinking over it and understanding it. But I’m determined to get the hang of it! I’ll bust my ass of solving the stinkin’ geometry problems and I’ll get at least a B on the test. In fact, I’ll start right after I finish this post!

Another thing – the fire alarm on Wednesday went on (in school). We were “evacuated” outside and someone was screaming “IT’S GONNA BLOW” and it was funny, because there was no smoke, fire or anything that would set the alarm on. Turns out it was just a practice, but it was nice, cause we missed one class, because of it! Yeah, it was IT class, but who gives a crap, it’s a free period, bitcheeees.

On the way out of school on Thursday I saw a big truck with the BTV logo. BTV is one of the 3 big national televisions in Bulgaria. I was wondering why were they in front of Dimyat (the big 5 star hotel, in which we sometimes go and cook stuff, it’s basically shoved in out school and we have access to the kitchen). It turns out, they were filming the last episode of this reality show “Lord of the Chefs”, which as you can guess, is related to cooking and Chefs! 😀 Currently, only 3 episodes have aired on tv, and all of the chefs are still in teams, so that last episode is going to air quite forward in time… And hey, I got the chance to talk to Evgeni Dimitrov, who is one of the greatest bulgarian musicians out there. He’s basically in every music show in bg. And he’s so awesome! He works with Slavi Trifonov all the time (they’re basically friends). I know that name probably means nothing to you, but Slavi is one of the richest, if not THE richest man in our country and he’s a show man. He has his show every night after the late news. He’s like our Conan O’Brien. And he’s a musician, too! 😀

And on Friday, I made THE BEST Cream caramel you have ever tasted! It was a part of our school practice and I know that it isn’t the hardest thing to do, but I totally messed up, according to the teacher, who can’t even cook properly. Leave aside that he didn’t even come to see what I’m doing, I might’ve as well done something completely different and he wouldn’t have noticed. After I put the creme in the oven on 150 degrees for 30 minutes, as I was told, IT WAS STILL RAW and the teacher was screaming “GET IT OUT IMMEDIATELY” and I was like “Yeah, right…I ain’t eating no raw desert” so I pretended to get it out from the oven and left it for another 15 minutes. It smelled delicious and when everyone got to try it, it was amazing. All the credit went to me and Cveti (we were in charge of the creme). So yeah, I was happy on Friday…

And that’s about if for today, but I’ll talk to you soon!



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