Way ho!

Gooood day, WordPress!

What’s going on, gang? How’s life?

I’m doing good, thanks for asking. Yani came to Varna on Wednesday and we had a great day together. She was here for her cute little dog, Fritz, he had to get his milk teeth taken out. And it’s not like they don’t have Vets in Stara Zagora, but she really wanted Fritz to see his big doggy family, which is also here. Also she wanted to see her aunt and cousins and me, I suppose, so the trip wasn’t in vain.

To be honest, Fritz didn’t like me that much. We first met, when he was in Yani’s arms. I completely forgot he’s tiny and probably protective over her, so I literally jumped to hug her and he didn’t quite like that. I’m not blaming him, considering the fact that I was around 1.80 cm tall in that very moment and I don’t know if Yani even has 1.60 cm. It must have been scary! Other than that, the day went good, pretty pleasant I must say! 😛

And yesterday, I got the chance to talk to my grandma (who is in Dubai) for the first time in 8 months! It was fun, she’s learning english and after only 1 sentence of hers, I was able to understand her. It wasn’t perfect, but at least it was understandable! Aunt Mina is apparently coming home after spending some days in Japan and the kids (Alex and Gabi) are so FLUENT in speaking bulgarian, I can’t believe it! When they left in the end of August, they could speak, but it wasn’t perfect and they had to gesture a lot, but now it’s flawless…and their voices are sooooo super cute. They’re attending an english kinder garden, so they know a bit of english, as well, but I hear they don’t want to speak it at home. Perfectly understandable! I can’t wait to see them all (aunt, grandma, kids AND aunt’s new boyfriend, we haven’t officially met yet). Rumour has it that my aunt and her boyfriend will spend a winter holiday in Finland this year, which is nice, we might be able to see each other if the guys from YFU allow that to happen. 😀 Another good thing (which I don’t know I’m mentioning), Emirates, the air company my aunt is working for, is expanding even more and soon there will be direct flights from Dubai to Bulgaria. That is A LOT cheaper and easier than having to go through Istanbul and try to understand the turkish language for a day, then take a plane to Sofia and then a bus to Varna. That route is kind of dangerous in my opinion, and it’s quite slow as well. With the direct flight, I believe it’ll be much more easier for my family to travel around. YAY.

On a random note, have you seen Katy Perry’s new video?

I kinda like it, but then I also kinda don’t. My idea for E.T was a lot different than this video and I think the director could have done the video way better even as it is with his idea of it. The effects look cheap and sloppy to me, I don’t know why. I also don’t understand what is Kanye doing there… But on the other hand, Katy’s costumes are just WOW. And the song is nice, too! 😀

Again something random: I just hit 200 followers! That’s nice, not that I care for the number…but it’s cool knowing that there are people, who want to see your reality and thoughts. So thanks, everyone! ❤



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