Kind of annoying..

*insert a high five over here*

Hey you, fucks, what’s up? <3333

So looking at the title, you’d probably want to know what’s annoying, right? Technically, every individual has different things that he finds annoying and I’m not going to rant about all the things I don’t like, cause I don’t think that’s something we should focus on. After all, I’m the one, who says that the world is a wonderful place and all people are beautiful.

I am, however, going to mention that one thing that bugs me:

When I write down something on the moment, with how I feel and WHY (in most cases, cause I like to explain) and then I get like 5 people witing me in skype, asking me what’s wrong. IT’S RIGHT THERE, I WROTE IT. And I kinda don’t feel like telling it all over again just for your pleasure. Sorry. And in most cases I have to chew the information and spit it out for them. If it’s something that I don’t want to talk about, you should get the hint by reading “he/she/it” instead of names in my posts, right?

And then I also hate, when I write something like this (for example) and I get 100 messages with “Are you mad at me?” or the most annoying “Why are you unhappy? Don’t get depressed.”. AUHAHDFHDSAJHFSKAHDF. FINE, I WON’T. I’ll just start breathing steam.

So, for further notice, if you see a post that doesn’t seem right to you, if you want to talk to me about it, don’t start with “What’s wrong?”. You can still figure it out by forming your words differently! Thank you in advance.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, something personal that has been done so long ago, I don’t care if anyone sees it or not. So I have a mother and a father, right? (lol, that’s how human biology usually works.) Anyway, they had another baby before me and my brother. “Had” is not exactly the correct verb, but just bear with me for a while. My mom was 20 years old and my dad 22. Honestly, I don’t know why they decided they can take care of  a baby at this age (and I was born when my mom was 23), but whatever. So, everything went great with the pregnancy, they were expecting a healthy infant and all that jazz. And now check out this fuckery:

My mom decided that she wanted to have the baby on 27-th of december (which is my namesday, btw) and nobody said anything to her and most importantly, nobody took her to the hospital. As she told me, she was literally catching the bus alone, with a bag in one of her hands to go to the hospital, where they deliver babies. And it was also the end of the day, which means she was going to give birth during the night hours…when most of the staff is sleeping at their homes, not to mention that it was on a day, when there’s a national holiday break (the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve). So as she says, the only medical authorities around were a nurse and a doctor. They gave her pain killer shots and the delivering started. And after a while, the doctor went to the other room with the baby, came back without it and said it’s dead, cause apparently it got strangled in the umbilical cord.

Ok,  so mom says she heard a baby cry, a tiny one, but she’s not sure if she was imagining stuff, cause she was pretty drugged. Be that as it may, that doesn’t change the fact that when she asked them to show her the baby, they refused and gave her a shot, so she could go to sleep. What I don’t understand is how can a person be as stupid as my mom to go alone to the hospital and give birth and how can there be people as stupid as my family to stay home, when a relative CLEARLY needs support in times like these???

Anyway, in the morning my dad came to see what happened and obviously hurt, he didn’t want to talk about it and he said to my mom “Don’t open the subject again, I don’t want to listen to crap.”, cause she was absolutely sure that the baby was alive. And another STUPIDITY – how can you not throw your own child a funeral, even if it’s a new-born. Or how can you not want to see it? I understand that “pain” bullshit, but if it was me right now, they would come to my funeral and they would see my corpse, right? And they didn’t even get the chance to love that baby like they love me. I honestly don’t understand how they were so ignorant back then. Even I know how the procedure goes and I’m not 20 yet.

My mom’s life has been ruined, she says she always looked at other kids to see if they looked like her and my father and she would always calculate how old that baby should be. That’s why she hates kids. And I fucking don’t blame her.

And now, guess what happens: An illegal baby traffic channel has been revealed and they (the doctors, who were involved) took babies from helpless mothers, saying their children have been born dead and then they sell them to other people. And the time of when the crimes were done fits perfectly with the year and month of when my mom went into labor. And they only took babies from Varna and Plovdiv.

So now my mom is 90% sure that my “brother” is alive somewhere, but she doesn’t want to do a research, cause she “might be imagining”. Ok, and if I have a brother, I’d like to know who he is. But no, she just told me that I must be prepared to meet him, cause “destiny knows it’s business and I’m going to see him sooner or later.” – If it’s even a boy.

Well, that was interesting. Thanks parents, who were incredibly ignorant at the age of 20…

//stef – have a good one, folks.


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