Way ho!

As this year’s eurovision contest comes closer by the minute, my enthusiasm also keeps growing. Here are my top 12 favorite songs for this year! Enjoy. ^^


Poli Genova – Na Inat

Why? Because the song isn’t half bad and I would like it if Bulgaria  goes to the finals. Of course, the fact that I’m 100% bulgarian and I live in Bulgaria and speak the language also plays a big part of my first choice (like 90%), but I feel like this year at least we won’t be ashamed, so GO GO GO Poli!!!! (or is it Poly/Polly? Gotta hate the alphabet differences)


Paradise Oskar – Da Da Dam

Ohmygod. Look at how adorable he is!!! Like, seriously…if you’re a teenage girl and you see a 20 year old super cute guy singing about a story and saving the planet, wouldn’t you vote for him? It’s basic chemistry. Ahaha, no, I’m kidding. But it’s really nice entry and I’ll end up voting for Finland. Because I’m obsessed with the country and the language and the people and I will always want it to win.


Ell & Nikki – Running scared

Surprised by Azeraijan! I didn’t think they could have a song as good as Safura’s Tear Drops (or whatever the song was called). I don’t think it will win, but I won’t be covering my ears, when this comes on. It’s actually really nice! Good job, Azerbaijan! ^^


Kati Wolf – What about my dreams

To be honest, I liked that song, because it was the first one from a long time (browsing through ESC entries) that didn’t make me click “pause”. It’s deffinitely not a winner, but it’s not that bad. Yeah…


Nina – Charoban

Well, isn’t this entry nice? Nina and her song remind me of those corky artists, who are always smiley and sweet. And even though the song doesn’t show anything serbian (like Ovo je Balkan did last year with it’s rythms), I really like it! Besides, it’s in serbian, which is always a plus. I hope it gets far. ^^


Anna Rossinelli – In love for a while

Just a lovely song that reminds us of spring and Colbie Caillat. Nice one.


Yüksek Sadakat – Live it up

Not fair! Turkey has an awesome song once again. I’m starting to like turkish rock, can’t believe I’m saying this. GO TURKEY. Even though they were amazing in 2010 as well, I didn’t expect a good song once again. I’m pleasantly surprised! ^^


Anastasiya Vinnikova – I Love Belarus

The lyrics are kind of bad. Like…we know you love Belarus, why do you insist on putting it in the lyrics? That’s stupid. However, the beat is really good. It can make you get your fat ass to the dancefloor and DANCE. It’s amazing. Maybe I’ll start loving Belarus as well, after this. And it was about time for them to come up with something nice. Last year’s entry was crawling on my nerves every time I heard it.


A friend in London – New Tomorrow

DENMARK!!! That has to be one of the best songs this year. I LOVE IT. And I think the masses will like it, too. If it doesn’t go to the finals, my life has been a lie. Seriously!


Hotel FM – Change

HAI THERE, NEIGHBORS! Lovely song! Really, it sounds nice, good choice. I was expecting something completely different, but I can’t say that I’m disappointed. You’ll do a great job this year! Btw, my mom always likes what Romania brings to the table. She was devistated, when they didn’t win last year! 😀


Lena – Taken by a stranger

We LOOOOOVEEEE Lena. This song is not better than Satellite (that’s just my opinion, some people like this one better), but deffinitely not a fail. Good luck to you, my darling, corky, weird accented, smiley Lena! <3333333

United Kingdom

Blue – I Can

Yeah, that’s right, UK! Pick someone, who we all know. You DID NOT get tired of boy bands. Ugh, FINE, I like it. But only, because Blue was my first favorite band (yeah, when I was 4-th grade) and the song is nice. >.< Good luck. You basically pulled it out of my keyboard. Jesus.

And these are my favorites, fuckers…

//Stef – and yours?


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