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I’m back again for another post, guys! How have you all been, my lovely birds?

Soo I had my birthday on the 10-th of May. It was cool, I guess. People were asking me how does it feel to be a year older and it honestly doesn’t feel any different. 😀 Maybe I’m not wise enough yet.

But hey, the first semi-finals for Eurovision were on my birthday as well. And Serbia, Finland and even Hungary got a spot on the finals! 😀 I guessed 7 out of 10, which is nice. My mom was all like “PLEASE let Iceland and Finland through, they didn’t hurt my ears, they deserve it. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.” I’m surprised that Greece made it through, though. The lead guy did a fantastic job with the singing, but wtf? What’s with the greek rapper rapping in english? I was cringing on the inside, when his part was about to start. He ruined it big time. And therefore, Greece shouldn’t have been in the finals. And Norway, WOW. Mom was all like “Isn’t Norway in the north? Why do they have a black woman singing an island song that I would dance hula to?” and I said “Maybe the people in Norway are happy and they just want to have fun!” and she said “Don’t be stupid, they’re not happy. They sell sadness like it’s hot bread”. Everything was a joke, of course, but their choice of a song was indeed strange. Not that bad, though.

Meanwhile, me and Bicho (a friend) were comparing all the entries to Krasi Avramov (our entry for 2009) and nothing was as bad as he was, so we concluded that this year is a good year. Then we figured that no one would ever be able to come up with a crappier song than Krasi’s and top his performance and it was a moment of truth, so we started singing his song as an act of sealing the facts. We were all like “WHOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOO” with the highest pitch you can imagine. 😀

And TODAY is the second semi-final, where Polly Genova will perform and I’m excited for her. The song is definitely not a winner, but it would be nice if we went to the finals. You know…for a change. Also, some songs I’m eager to hear are the Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden and Romania’s entries. It’s going to be a great night tonight!

Another not so interesting story was my day yesterday. The seniors graduated and we had to throw them something like a “fare well” party. Now that we’re the oldest in our shift, it feels sad that they’re gone. Of course, not all of them, but still. Ahaha, and I remember going to the back yard with Cvetelina, holding her hand and be super happy. I was like “Hey, you know who we’re not going to see anymore? Ivan *sqeeks with happiness* and Todor, that fuck, and Florian, and Vencislav Kapralov, and Pecata, and Milan..and Jenna, Simona, Elina, Victoria…” and Cveti said “Wow, you hate on a lot of people” haha. I don’t hate anyone, but I sure as hell don’t like those guys. And then I figured “But hey, you know we’re not going to see Dany again, right? Who’s going to be the media master of the school now? And Encho – who’s going to tare apart our nerves and who are we going to pick on without having to worry that he’ll take it seriously? Who’ll solve crosswords with me? And Drago – who’s going to be the responsible one now? Who’s going to take Victor and Rumen’s drunk asses home? And Ioan – who’s going to come in our classes and bust us out for 3 free hours? And Gabi – who’s going to spread a false rumour that there’s a bomb in school and get us 2 free of school days?”

Anyway, good luck to everyone, even to those, who I don’t seem to like as much as others. Their exams start next week and I hope they all do well! Since I’m not going to see them anymore (or at least not as often), I don’t see why I should “hate” anyone. There are just people that I’m going to miss and ones that I’m not. But then again, I’m very sentimental and these guys have been with me every day for 3 years AND when we add the camps, where we bond even more, it all contributes to this feeling of sadness that I’m feeling. And on top of that, they were very nice to us, when we were rabbits (1-st year), unlike we are to most of the freshman’s now.

Well, their prom is on May 24-th, AFTER all of the exams, perhaps because they’ll be drinking and celebrating for 2 whole days…a proper way to say goodbye for one last time to your classmates!

Goodbye Class of 2001 (born 1992) of the Professional High School of Tourism – Varna! You will be missed!

//Stef – another day of school begins for me, though!


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