Monthly Archives: June 2011

Music Idol Bulgaria – favorite performances.

This is a Music Idol appreciation post. I know the show hasn’t been around for the last two years, BUT I’m a huge fan of it and I always come back to it at a certain point of my life (sounds like I’m 30, haha). I’ve laughed and cried with the contestants and you should […]

Same feelings?

Hey! I’ve had the weirdest afternoon! It felt like a past period of time was repeating all over again. So, first of all, I’m at my aunt’s place for some days and I’m always here during the summer and it’s really creepy how everything is repeating itself. I mean, the kids are currently watching EXACT […]

Today overall…

Was ok, I guess. My aunt came back from Dubai and that’s the one thing that’s keeping this day in the “ok” graph. The days was pretty much a waste. I went to school for no apparent reason and of course, I had nothing to do, cause the teachers were examining my classmates and it was […]


AHJNGFRFHGLKHJBGDHDTH!!!!!!!! I was at the YFU seminar in Koprivshtica for about 5 days. Just a brief explanation: YFU organizes a 5 day seminar for all bulgarian students, who will go aboard with the exchange program. Can I just say that those were probably the best 5 days of my year so far? So! We were […]