I was at the YFU seminar in Koprivshtica for about 5 days. Just a brief explanation: YFU organizes a 5 day seminar for all bulgarian students, who will go aboard with the exchange program. Can I just say that those were probably the best 5 days of my year so far?

So! We were a small group this year – only 11 students (in comparison with previous years, when the number could go as high as twenty-something-thirty), BUT WE WERE ALL SO AWESOME. We had 1 student for Argentina (Niki/Nikolai), 1 for Finland (me, ahaha), 5 for Germany (Yoanna, Liana, Vasil, Denica and Stiliana) and 4 for the USA (Jana, Mitko, Kati and Dedim).

Since I’m planning on commercializing YFU, I won’t tell exactly what we did on those seminars, because I would spoil the fun for the students yet to come. I know I’m bad, but it’s a policy and hey – I waited 2 years to see what those seminars are all about! I regret nothing.

Of course, I’ll tell you how everything went, it was super fun. First of all, all 11 of us made friends with each other immediately and we were so close, it was as if we’d known each other for years! I guess we just fit. I was in one room with Liana, who’s a sports freak, INCREDIBLY TALL (1.82 or how much was it?) and she was one of the two girls with a laptop, so I was lucky, haha! She’s from Veliko Turnovo and she’s just great! We talked a lot and we even woke up early one morning so she could go outside and excercise. πŸ˜€ Everyone were tolerant towards everyone and one of the evenings we were just like kids – we jumped on a rope and played cards (that was all the time, my bad) and we were telling stories from our lives. Jana, who’s going to the US, is also from Varna and we talked a bit about random stuff and I found out that she knows Victor from my class, how weird is that? Anyway, Nikolai, who’s from Botevgrad and he’s going to Argentina, thought we talk funny and started to imitate us with a “Mitio Pishtova” twist to it, so it sounded something like “Averchetaaa-Maverchetaaaa, Jakuzita-Makuzita, Kifteta-Mifteta, Piene-Miene”. To a non-bulgarian speaker this would sound weird and senseless, but it’s hilarious, I promise!

Then there was Mitko, who’s the weirdest kid alive, I’m telling you! He brought math books to the seminar and he wants to be a computer genius, but at the same time he’s REALLY into asian kung-fu movies! I really hope he reaches his dreams, haha, he’s awesome. He made us cry from laughter, when he showed us the dragon, the pilgrim and the tiger kung-fu techniques, mostly because he’s absolutely devoted to what he’s doing and he’s super serious and obviously he doesn’t realize that some of the guys were kidding him, haha! But he really is a great kid. Oh, and another thing about him – he DID NOT stop talking about “Mr.Zlatev”. Β We didn’t know who he is at first, but then he explained that Zlatev is some sort of a millionaire that holds Botevgrad on the palm of his hand and omg, it was funny! At one point we thought that Zlatev is Mitko’s father, but he really didn’t want us to think so, so for the Bunter Abend (something that I won’t tell you what it means and why we’re doing it), he wrote a poem and called it “I do not know Zlatev”. THIS GUY IS HILARIOUS IN HIS SERIOUSNESS. And then one of the teamers (the guys, who lead the seminars) asked us in one of the workshops a question that was meant to be random: “I met a guy recently…Do you know who he was” and everyone screamed “ZLATEV?” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Anyway, enough with the huge talking with no pictures, here are the best of the best, with the stories behind them:

Standing up: Nikolai, me, Yoanna ; the girl with the purple t-shirt is Liana and the other girl is Jani!

This is the insolent table. IF there’s more, we want more (from the food that is). They made the mistake of serving us “baklava” (a turkish desert that’s very yummy) and we ate SO MUCH of it, we almost got diabetes. That’s before we went to the nearest store and got 3 pans full of more baklava (20 pieces each). I’ve NEVER eaten so much baklava in my life. Zlatev, the Kung-Fu and the baklava is what the seminars will be remembered for, mark my words!

that’s us going to the store for the famous baklava. πŸ˜€

I really like this picture! Look at how beautiful Jani looks! I love her smile! ❀

These people right here are the best teamers an exchange student could ask for. Starting from left – Pesho (Petar), Tedi (Teodora) and alex (Alexander). Thank you, guys for an amazing seminar and I hope you had as much fun as we did (not that I can speak on behalf of everyone, but yeah…). And another great thing that we turned into a joke was Pesho’s talking for the most part. He was aways like… PEOPLE (in english, instead of bulgarian), broil your wits, you’re not small anymore! That’s why the reading of the YFU rules was really funny, haha! That’s the “laf”!

That’s the schedule for the seminar. I saw how Pesho took it off the wall, just before I left the hotel and it was so heartbreaking! 😦

That’s Niki and the molten KitKat. I don’t know what he had done to it (except sit on it repeatedly, cause it was in his pocket), but this thing was completely liquid. πŸ˜€ And we had fun playing with it!

Jani, Liana and Niki (and Vasko doing something with his phone) in front of this historical house, but I can’t remember who’s it was. It was nice, though!

Liana and Mitko on our way to the Dimcho Debelyanov’s house! πŸ˜€ Happy Liana!

And that’s everyone going on a walk in the small town/village/resort of Koprivshtica!

Me, Liana, Jani, Niki and…..Steliana. I love her in that picture. I didn’t even notice her there before I uploaded the shot to the computer. It’s like she’s trolling the picture, but she’s being cute and everything… πŸ˜€

Me and Niki somewhere outside. Not much I can say about this picture… πŸ˜€

Final rehearsal for the Bunter Abend! Deny is the host and she’s basically presenting the program. She did a wonderful job! ❀

Kati and Me. Kati is a very interesting person. She’s half German and she speaks perfect bulgarian, even though she’s been here for only 4 years. If she hadn’t told us that she wasn’t born here, we would have never guessed! Well, maybe she does look a bit german with the blond hair and blue eyes… πŸ˜€ We had this group project the day before with her, Liana and Vasko and what we did was basically beg her to say stuff in german, so she just called her mother and allowed us to listen to the convo! She’s awesome, too! And she has the best camera of us all, haha! πŸ˜€

That’s during the preparations for the Bunter Abend. Look at how cool those two look! πŸ˜€

Writing the Bunter Abend program!

Our last day in Koprivshtica! 😦 Dedim and Deny in front of this really big and cool memorial.

Alex, me and Liana!

Me, Vasko and Liana

Mitko and Deny!

So these are some of the photos, I suppose there will be a lot more in a day or two, when everyone upload their photos to the internet.

I went home with Vasko and his family, who are from Shumen and that’s close to Varna, so once I was there, I got a bus to Varna and got home in an hour and a half time. But the travelling itself was more than 7 hours! O.o I was really tired!

It’s sad that everything is over, I didn’t want it to be. Nobody did. Now we are ready to dive into the adventure of being a foreign exchange student, we have everything we need, but a rare thing happened there as well. We all made friends – wonderful friends that we’ll miss. The only 10 other people, who get what I’m going through, cause they’re going through the same. The only 10 people, who won’t ask “What’s the point”, cause we’re all in this together. I wish each and every one of them a WONDERFUL exchange year, a great family, lots of new friends, who are as cool as they are, a lot of nice memories worth telling to their grandkids and an internal growth. I hope you all (me included) find yourselves this year. Not everyone could say that they’ve been an exchange student. Fare well, and I hope that we’ll keep a close contact with each other…even with Niki, who’ll be at the other end of the world – in Argentina and I’ll be in Finland. The German guys, I’ll see them at the YES seminar at the and of our exchange year, but I would also like to know what’s going on in the US with Jani, Kati, Dedim and Mitko. Have a good one, guys! I’ll miss you! πŸ™‚



  1. I love this article!!!!! And i also love BAKLAVA πŸ˜€

    Liana :))

  2. haha, it’a all about the BAKLAVA, right, Lia? πŸ˜€ If we could get a dollar for each piece we ate, we would be millionaires, hahaha! ^^

    Kissesssssssssss to you, too! ❀

  3. That’s sooo nice of you to say Stefy !! Thank you so much for the wonderful words ! I think we all had an awesome time ! I just love the insolent table … ❀ I mean look at us what is there not to love Great people great time love you all kisses from Varna

  4. Of course, all of us are awesome! More food never hurt anyone, right? πŸ˜€ I love how we didn’t fight over Yoanna’s food once she left, haha! πŸ˜€ That’s what I call a “brother share”.

    And lol, kisses from Varna, too. We’ll hang out, don’t worry. I was even thinking about inviting you to give out those papers for the foreign girls from Estonia and Germany to random people (I’ll multiply my copy). πŸ˜€ Ahh, we’ll see!

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