Today overall…

Was ok, I guess.

My aunt came back from Dubai and that’s the one thing that’s keeping this day in the “ok” graph.

The days was pretty much a waste. I went to school for no apparent reason and of course, I had nothing to do, cause the teachers were examining my classmates and it was BOOOORIIIING. I was supposed to ditch the last 2 classes and meet Gergana at 17.00 in front of school, but she never came.

It’s been a downwards spiral with her, you know. I’ve been trying my best to keep our friendship from falling apart, but she just doesn’t want to see me, I guess. She said yesterday that she would come, that we’d finally hang out together after more than 2 and a half months of not seeing each other. I’m starting to think that she’s mocking me in a way. I stood there for more than 2 hours, waiting for her and she…didn’t…come. Well, that’s a shame. Cause now I don’t want to have anything to do with her. After I explained everything in a message, about how I’ve been feeling about us two recently, about how we don’t even talk anymore and about how I want to do something for this to change, she pulled this trick on me and I’ve honestly had enough. I removed her from my facebook friends, I deleted her number and I’m going to remove her from skype, as well, as soon as I can log back in. I can try only for so long. It has been horrible experience this whole thing, I don’t think I ever want to see her again, to remind me of my poor choice of friends. What was in the past, stays in the past. I wish her all the best from now on, but I won’t be near to join in. Sorry, she made it like that.

I caught the bus with my chemistry teacher and we talked about Finland and Bulgaria and whatnot, I got off at the Train Station and immediately I saw my mom and “Tencho” lurking around. We got together and drank some coffee, while waiting for the train, in which my aunt and cousins were in. I patiently waited for the train to come and I was so eager to see my family, that I almost had a heart attack, when I saw them 3 sexy ass relatives coming our way. I played with Alex and Gabi, while we waited for Tencho to load the luggage in the back and I even bought them two an ice-cream! They’ve gotten so big and so pretty! God, I’ve missed them so much! And my aunt is so skinny, haha! But as her usual self, she was very cool and pretty!

My grandma was also there (in the apartment) and I haven’t seen her in a year, as well, cause she was in Dubai with aunt Mina, too! I’ve missed them all so much. But my mom has some “mommy issues” and she wanted to leave as soon as she saw my grandma. I can’t really explain what’s been going on in her head, cause I completely disagree and I don’t think I understand, but my grandma tried to hug my mom and she immediately said she’s leaving. I can’t tell you how bad I felt about that. Not that it’s any of my business, but I felt embarrassed. Yes, my mom is embarrassing me. I love her to bits, but when we’re in a social environment, her actions, facial expressions, her movements, everything is embarrassing and I hate it. Even her clothing, she has no style at all. And when people are embarrassed, they hide. So I hid in one if the rooms and it was so horrible. My joy was darkened by my mother wanting to leave and just behaving like a douche. Sorry for the harsh word, but it’s true. Why can’t she be nice for once?! And of course, I had to leave with her, cause the distance between our house and the apartment is 6 km and there’s no convenient transport in that direction and she had already called a taxi. Well, that’s fucking fantastic. Don’t mind me that I’m excited about my aunt coming home for JUST 10 DAYS, I’ll go home with you, even though I want to stay and talk to her and play with my cousins. Fucking brilliant, mom! And on top of that, I felt SO BAD for grandma. If that was my kid, I’d cry for hours. She was being gentle and loving and my mom basically let her know that she didn’t want anything to do with her. Poor grandma.

I love her, though! I won’t ever do this to her. I hugged her and kissed her like crazy. Cause she’s a nice woman and she deserves it!

And now I’ll just go to bed pissed, hoping that I’ll get the chance to spend more time with my family (one of these days.) Bye.



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