Music Idol Bulgaria – favorite performances.

This is a Music Idol appreciation post.

I know the show hasn’t been around for the last two years, BUT I’m a huge fan of it and I always come back to it at a certain point of my life (sounds like I’m 30, haha). I’ve laughed and cried with the contestants and you should hear some of the screw ups, ohmygod. 😀

So I’m going to start with season 1. Favorite performances:

First, this girl Kremena Dimitrova, who was only 15 at the time. She has an amazing voice! Just listen to the beginning, the rest of the video is just some bulgarian ramblings.


This is Teo (Teodor Koichinov), one of the funniest guys out there. I’m sorry if you’re not bulgarian, cause you won’t be able to fully appreciate this “Kombainero inteligentska” song, it’s so hilarious. He’s basically singing a story about being with a girl in a “Kombain”, while was  reaping the harvest. And he’s using a “village” slang that’s mostly used by the lower classes, which means that the words don’t sound particularly intelligent. And he’s singing all that in the opera genre. And he’s completely serious. And it’s hilarious. Period. (oh and I really like the chorus).


Teo again. Only this time he’s singing the song “Lick your ice-cream”, which is originally sung by one or the judges, Doni – the fake bald guy at the right corner of the desk (he’s really awesome, too, btw, he has a really great sense of humor, there should be a video somewhere of him dipping his head in a cake for his 44-th birthday :D). The song is really fun and I like it, so I’m posting it here.


Nevena Tsoneva’s final performance. She was our first Music Idol and this song was something like Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment like this”  . Only it’s at least 1000000 times harder to master. First, because this song bears a lot of emotion and bulgarian history in it, no artist before her had ever dared to touch that sacred song (except Valia Balkanska, who recorded the song, so it could be sent in space on that golden CD for the aliens to hear), so it was a pretty risky move. The dynamics are extremely hard to master, the voice has to break at the right moments and the singer has to deliver that “balkan” feel  to it, which is also really hard. That song is something like our ottoman empire anthem and we’re a proud nation, so everyone would have hated Nevena if she didn’t do it right…or at least they wouldn’t have liked her. But she NAILED it! You could see her nervous expression when she was about to start singing. And to add up, she was announced as the winner only moments ago, so she was pretty overwhelmed and she could’ve easily ruined the song. But she didn’t. She did it perfectly (and with a song this big, any other option would be a fail), which proves that we have chosen our idol wisely!


Plamena Petrova. Really talented girl, I must say! She made it quite far in the competition, but didn’t win. She was never a winner material, in terms that she wasn’t prepared for anything, she only had this big voice and she didn’t know what to do with it. But I liked her a lot.

And how can I forget our dearest Valentina? Even Mariah Carey herself saw that video and had a comment on it on this french show. (I picked a subtitled video, so you can really see how awesome it is.) Enjoy. I know the lyrics by heart!

Denica Georgieva with her cover of Tina Turner’s awesome “Nutbush city limits”. It was the first big concert for the season and she was the last one, but everyone else were so boring and she just came and lit up the stage…I love this performance! 🙂

Toma Zdravkov and the cover of “Crying in the Rain”. He was our second Music Idol. I just LOOOOOOOOOVE this performance. No one can touch Whitesnake, but you have to admit that this was pretty bad ass. He made history (along with Nora) that night! <333

Nora Karaivanova! This is also one of my all time favorites. Some people love it (like me), some hate it really bad (like my mom). I like Nora’s voice and I don’t care, I almost cried, when she sang that back in 2008. I loved her!


That season was pretty much a joke. There were some nice performances (and some really hot guys, haha), but none of them is remarkable or anything. I just don’t remember listening to anything different. So no videos here. The winner – Magdalena Djanavarova has an awesome voice, though…

Well, appreciation post ends here.

//Stef – I gotta get up eary tomorrow, I gotta go to school for my final day and then back to work. 😀



  1. exBulgarian · ·

    I hope by 2020 the Bulgarian nation won’t exist. I’m happily married to a foreigner and my children don’t know a world of Bulgarian!

  2. това е злобно. Може да не харесвам българските мъже и народа да има тъп манталитет, както и управниците ни да са мухльовци, но все пак съм българка и не бих пожелала нацията ни да бъде изтрита от лицето на земята.
    Да, няма да живея в БГ. Да, не ми харесва тук. Но обичаите и историята ни са богати и разнообразни, кухнята ни е страшно вкусна, а и съм израснала тук. Майка ми е българка, баща ми е българин, баба ми, дядо ми…повечето от приятелите ми също. Защо по дяволите би пожелала роднините ти да умрат до 2020? Какво ти пречат българите, след като не живееш тук и нямаш намерение да се връщаш и не учиш детето си на български?
    Разбирам защо си на това мнение, но не разбирам защо е тая злоба към народа.

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