Missing for a month?

Oh, no, I didn’t!

So here’s what’s been up with me…

First off, I started a job. I’d rather not say what exactly I am working as, but it’s not a hooker, haha. It’s actually quite strange, I’m selling stuff. So anyway, I’ve been working with Gergana. I know I’m mad at her and everything…and I stand behind every word I said some posts ago, when she kept me waiting in front of my school. But I also can’t be mad at someone for a long time, which is sad….but still true.

Anyway, we’ve been making money and we’ve been shopping…a lot. I swear my closet needs another wing now. She’s also been living at my place for some time now…like 20 days or so. It’s a long story why that happened, it’s kind of like too personal to share, since it’s her business and I don’t want to gossip around for her personal issues. But she’s with me now. Well, not for long, I’m leaving in 5 days (SO LONG, I KNOW RIGHT???)

But speaking of leaving…as you all know, I’m going to Finland for a year! It’s gonna be awesome, I know it. And you know where my temporary host family is located? FRICKIN’ ESPOO!!!! *tears of joy down my face* And you know what they love? HORSEBACK RIDING. I mean, how cool is that? The family is consisted of 3 people – a father Timo, a mother Lea and a seventeen year old daughter Krista. CAN I JUST MEET THEM ALREADY???

AND AND AND, I already talked with Lea over the phone and she sounds so, so, so, SOOOOO cool, she makes me want to get up and just leave Varna. We talked around 15 minutes about whatnot and you know what? She really is finnish. Like…as finnish as a person can be. *can you see me biting my lip from excitement?* Oh, boy, I hope I don’t get too attached to this family, cause it will be a bummer to leave them for my permanent family. But they look too awesome to be real. I can’t help it, but smile! I bought them presents, I hope they’ll like them. If I knew them better, maybe I could’ve thought of something that would actually be useful to them, but I hope the stuff I got them would make them happy too!

Speaking of presents, I got Tage some presents, too. I don’t know if he’ll like them, either…this deal with the presents is frustrating. Y’all better like them, okay? I really put some thought into it and I couldn’t think of a better present/s to give, even though I win the first prize at giving bad stuff to people. Sorry, just appreciate my effort, please! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Haha.

I got Minna a little something, as well. I’ve decided that I will give all of the presents personally, so if your name is somewhere in this post and you want your present, you’ll just have to meet me! That’s the deal! πŸ˜€

But I’ve bought myself some stuff, too! Clothes, a pair of shoes that I just LOOOOOOVE, a jacket (not for the winter, but like…a normal jacket), a lot of cosmetics, a shitload of bras and hair products and more jeans, new camera that (apparently) shoots HD videos, new hand luggage bag and this really cool black “klin”. Yeah…I pampered my self, so what? I’m now in a panic mode that I won’t fit everything into my suitcase and into just 20 kg. How is that possible? I can’t take only that much stuff with me, I won’t be able to live properly. Just my new stuff won’t fit into that. They’re cool, though!

Uhhh, I’m so very excited about leaving, I can’t wait to start packing. Come on, 2-nd of August, why are you taking so long to come arounddddd??? 😦

Here’s a picture of me from yesterday…just because this post should have a picture of me…


//Stef – have a good one, folks!


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