Monthly Archives: August 2011

Dressing up day!

Hey, hey, hey! So today was (as you can probably guess, and if you can’t, then I might think that you’re retarded) dressing up day! Different classes had to dress up as different things. We had Lord Voldemort for the IB class, Manga for 11C, Hip-hopper wannabe for 11D, Athletes for 11A and Old granny/granddad […]


Hey, once again! Everything is great here, let me tell you something now (the short version):  CARROT CAKE RULES. Krista made it on Saturday for Sunday and oh, my, my, my, it’s so delicious. People in Bulgaria – you should never again say a joke about carrot cakes ever again, you have not lived until […]

Here I am again!

Hey, you guys! I know that you’re eager to know what’s happening with me and that I’m basically playing with your nerves by writing so seldom, but at the end of the day I’m SO TIRED that I don’t have the strength to do it. Finally I have some free time and I’m going to […]


Hey! The last few days have been good. With their ups and downs. When I get up in the morning, I’m so stressed out about what’s coming ahead of me. I’m not talking about the whole exchange year, but for the day itself. I have to get to school, find my room, try and listen […]

Ensimmäinen koulupäivä!

Or the so called first day of school. Okay, first of all, I want to say that my school is super nice. SMALL, in comparison to the bulgarian schools, but so high-tech and modern that it wins everything. The teachers are really nice, but the students…hmmm. They were nice, but so bloody silent, I was […]


August 8-th Everything is great. I woke up early – around 7.40 am. Me, Krista, Kiki (the dog),  isä and äiti were on our way from Espoo to the stable, where Hops (the horse) was currently at. Krista had a practice with him, it was quite nice. They jump high!!! The nearest competition is on […]


MOI, MOI, MOI, MOI, MOIIIII!!!!!!!! ‘Sup with you, guys? I’m currently in ESPOO with my host family and everything is really great! So, I arrived in Helsinki on 3-rd of August and went to Anjalankoski for the YFU orientation camp. Here’s a picture from the plane: It was really exciting to finally go to Suomi. […]