‘Sup with you, guys?

I’m currently in ESPOO with my host family and everything is really great!

So, I arrived in Helsinki on 3-rd of August and went to Anjalankoski for the YFU orientation camp. Here’s a picture from the plane:

It was really exciting to finally go to Suomi. There are so many things that happened during those days that I’m not sure I’ll be able to say everything.

After I arrived at Anjalankoski, I was placed with 2 german girls as roommates. I dare to say that the accommodation houses were quite nice and here’s a picture of our common room:

It was big enough for everyone, so… it was fine. But we didn’t spend that much time in our rooms anyway, so it didn’t matter how and where we were placed. We ate a lot. Seriously, Finns eat a lot. We had probably 4 meals AND sausages after the sauna. THAT’S CRAZY.

We were busy, though. There was a tight schedule starting at 8 am to 9 pm. Tiring, but fun. We even had finnish classes with Eugene, who’s from New York, but he’s been living in Helsinki for 45 years and now he teacher at the Helsinki university. It was weird, he’s been in Varna like 3 times or so and he knows what I’m talking about…haha.

BY THE WAY. SPEAKING OF BULGARIA. At the Helsinki airport, while I was talking in english with some of the exchange students, this guy comes up to me and starts to talk in Bulgarian and I’m like ‘WHAAAAAT’, how is it possible for another Bulgarian (again from Varna) to be at the airport in Finland, and note that he wasn’t arriving, he was like…picking up his girlfriend or something. That was really strange.

Well anyway, in one of the finnish classes Eugene taught us dirty words and some phrases. And we had to repeat after him… 😀 He’s the best teacher ever.

Something else?…hmm, we had an international night, where each of the 19 countries would present itself and I was alone from BG, but I sang “One Bulgarian rose” and it was awful, but still… I’m proud for not fainting, cause I was really nervous. Raino and Mia (2 of the volunteers) were standing 30 cm away from me and they were like smiling and staring at me and it was reassuring, but at the same time weird, cause I felt uncomfortable, like I’m going to screw up any moment. 😀 Haha, well, I’m glad that passed!

The other night we had movie night, we watched this:

And yeah, it ended quite late…but before that, we had this ask box kinda thing, where you can put your secret questions anonymously and then the volunteers would answer them. So together with “What’s the shower thingy in the toilet for”, there was “Does Raino have a girlfriend” and it was awkward, cause he does and she was in the room, haha. Salla! Awesome Salla. I can see why the exchange girl liked him, but it was still funny. And I actually think that I know who put that question in. At least from my observations, lol. But speaking about finnish boys, there are some pretty hot ones out there, I think. Since I have a thing for blond hair and blue eyes, I’m in heaven right now… 😀

And there’s a picture of Kirstine from Denmark, me and Laura from Austria. They were both really nice!

And here’s a picture of Raino and Salla having lunch on the last day 😀

Aaaand there’s a picture of All of us, haha!

Almost everyone went into the sauna, but it was a sad day for those, who didn’t. 😦 AAAAAAAAANNNYYYYWAYYYY.

I got to meet Mari, Buryan’s support person for last year. I really enjoyed talking to her, she’s really nice! She taught me a bit of finnish, we had this little situation about coffee and tea and you should know that she was the one, who hugged me, when I started to cry in the end.

Yes, I did do that. I saw everyone meeting their new families for the first time and it was so touching, I just couldn’t help it. At the same time I didn’t want to leave Anjalankoski, because I was terrified of meeting my host family and I was missing some volunteers and exchange students. Everything was like too much for me to handle and I didn’t know if I’m happy or sad, so the tears were mixed. And I tried to hold it in, cause there were other people and I think I did well for the most part, ahaha.

Well, I went to Loppi with Mari, she was taking me to the Laine family to their cottage. We had a nice, long talk in the car, she was really reassuring and sweet. She even invited me to her house sometime, when we’re both free. I appreciate that a lot. We exchanged contact info and we got out of the car (in front of the cottage). I was FREAKING OUT. I didn’t know whether to hug them or shake their hand or what to say and Mari was like “Take a deep breath, hug them and say Moi, minä olen Stefani. Hauskatavata.” And so I did and they hugged me back, and you know what? I really like this family. They’ve been nothing, but sweet to me. Krista is really into horseback riding, so our schedule is currently revolving around that, but her horse Hops is really nice (and big and scary, haha). And they have a dog, Kiki! She’s the sweetest thing ever, so fluffy and kind of lazy <3333333 Awwwwwwwww. And today äiti took me around Espoo with the car, she showed me my school and some other stuff, too. Then I watched dressed for the dances in February with Krista. 😀 She likes this purple princess like dress that’s really pretty! 🙂 I like it, too.

Oh, and my support person, Salla (a different Salla, haha) contacted me and can I just say that she seems great? I know that this is probably, because I’m way too excited over everything, but she really seems awesome. I can’t wait to see her in person (probably next week!). And I already met Ilse, who’s going to my school, she’s a YFU volunteer and that’s good that I met her, at least I’ll know someone from school! And then there’s Mia, also a volunteer, who’s from Espoo, but studies in Helsinki. She’s also really sweet, I think I’m going to go out with her sometime, if she wants. Same thing goes for all the volunteers in the Helsinki region – Salla, Ilse, Raino, Anni and everyone from YFU. I have nothing, but good things to say about those people! ❤

But now I have to go to sleep, because tomorrow morning we’re leaving for the place, where Krista has a horseback practice and then back to Loppi until next week. So don’t be mad if I don’t write anything until then.

//Stef – Moi moi!


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