August 8-th

Everything is great. I woke up early – around 7.40 am. Me, Krista, Kiki (the dog),  isä and äiti were on our way from Espoo to the stable, where Hops (the horse) was currently at. Krista had a practice with him, it was quite nice. They jump high!!! The nearest competition is on Saturday, so we’re going to Tampere then and going back to Espoo on Monday. Then me and äiti are going to Etelä-Tapiola lukio to speak with the headmaster about what courses I should take and all that jazz. Later that day I’m probably going to meet Salla – my support person.

I’m excited about that. I spoke with her on the phone today and she seems great. I hope the football game she watched today was okay! Was she for Real Madrid, or? Haha!

I’m having a blast in Loppi/Espoo. Everyone are so nice to me and they’re repeating words to me all the time, so now I fill my vocabulary with loads of stuff. Of course I can’t remember everything, but I think I’m making some progress. I read the Helsinki newspaper every morning with isä just to learn the pronunciation, cause obviously I can’t understand everything. But I now know that this Saturday some minister died and Dalai Lama is coming to Suomi in August. That’s good enough, right? 😀 I tried the cottage sauna with Krista today and then I dipped into the lake and went back to the sauna! I feel Finnish. It was great. Then I ate rain deer  soup for the first time in my life and it wasn’t all that bad. Isä also made noodles with shrimps and veggies. It was delicious, even though I don’t eat sea food. Of course, I tried the shrimps and they weren’t bad, but they weren’t my cup of tea either.

I miss Anjalankoski. The volunteers and the students, Matias with his energizers, Marika with her lovely lovely lovely speeches, Salla and Ilse and the time, when they taught me finnish words outside the sauna, Raino with his utterly American accent (hahaha), Laura and Kirstine, and Rabea, Till, Tamara, Cho, Sora (the calmest Japanese guy I know, seriously!), Anu, Aniinna, Mia, Mari, Ryan, Eugene and just everyone! We had so much fun together! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see them again!

Now it’s time to concentrate on the present and my host family (who are also really awesome, if you haven’t noticed already!). School starts soon and I gotta buy stuff…you know. See you tomorrow!


August 9-th

I woke up at 10. Today is vapaapaivää. Krista has horseback riding practice and äiti is driving her there, but for me it’s just a day off. I’m sitting in the cottage, reading the morning paper with Isä and Kiki and I’m just enjoying my stay in Loppi. I had some time on the internet. Enough to check my e-mail, but the connection is so slow here, I just gave up at one point and I guess I’ll try again on Monday. But that seems so far away from now, ugh. Damn you, civilization and human progress!

I had a nice long talk with isä about a lot of stuff that I don’t think he would like me to share, but I think the conversation was nice and we had a quality 1 on 1 time together.

I’m also learning more new words and I can almost form small sentences. I can ask if someone wants something, I know how to say dog, cat, horse, fork, spoon, plate, glass, lake, flower, 3 different kinds of trees, line, yellow, town and other words that don’t come up to my mind right now. I can say Good morning, good day, good night, I can ask “What’s that?  Is that…?” and basically form sentences with poor grammar AND I can count pretty well not just from 1 to 10, but in general… I don’t think that for the time spent here I know enough, but it’s something…

Isä and äiti left for Espoo 15 minutes ago, cause they have some kind of a meeting. They won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. I’m here with Krista and Kiki and we’re watching The Simpsons and reading the new autumn catalogue for H&M. Love this!

We had pasta for dinner. We made it ourselves and I dare say that it was quite delicious. I don’t know how Krista made it with me in the kitchen, but it wasn’t a disaster, haha!

August 10-th

Huomenta! 10:15 am and I’m starting my day with the Helsingin Sanomat! Me and Krista are alone in Loppi and we have a program for today. Vapaapaivää once again! Maybe sauna later on, or just sit on the couch and watch House M.D. I don’t know yet, we’ll see how it goes!

Update: It’s 4:43 pm now and everyone is in Loppi already! I got my finnish phone number  15 minutes ago and it’s now functioning just fine! 😀 I have only 6 euros in the card, so I’ll have to recharge it, when we get in Espoo 😀

I went for a walk with Isä and Kiki, they showed me around and we talked a lot about cottages, religion and sports. It was great, I’ll keep you posted on what happened next.

August  11-th

Äiti  woke me up at 9:15 am, so I can see how a crayfish meal is being prepared. Apparently crayfish parties are a big deal in Finland, they’ve been talking about it for ages! We’re having the neighbors over tomorrow for the party, but we’re preparing the food now, cause Isä says the crayfishes should stay in the water they’ve been boiled in for a day (with some yellow herb). I don’t like sea/lake food, but I promised I’ll try it out tomorrow. I hope I like it, but the chances are small.

On the fun side, I had a fight with one crayfish, damn those crabs are strong! But, of course, I won! 😀 Isä was trying to scare me by putting the crab in my face, but then I took one as well and I even took a picture after the glorious victory, but I look ridiculous there, so I won’t post it, sorry. 😀

But I took a picture of isä cooking on the front porch and then I took a picture of the result! ;D

My camera has been letting me down recently, I don’t know why, but the shots are just horrible. L Maybe it will start listening to me after a while! Keep your fingers crossed!

Anyway, after some time, me, Krista and äiti went to a stable near Riihimäki, cause Krista is a member of the riding society in Finland and they had a meeting there. But äiti and me just had to drop her off and then we went to the city to buy some stuff. I was looking for clothes, but nothing caught my eye, everything was too summer-ish for me. We also went to the supermarket in one of the city’s shopping centers and there weren’t a lot of people there, but these two metal guys caught my eye. They were really hardcore and nobody seemed to care and it’s awesome that I can see sights like this in random places like the supermarket! Ahh!

When we went home (to the cottage, not Espoo) we had some traditional Finnish meal for lunch. It was potatoes with nakkikastike, I think. Sorry if I spelled it wrong, I’m a foreigner (my new favorite excuse!) :D. It’s quite delicious, I must say! Splendid, I want to try it again sometime.

15 minutes ago, I ended my Finnish “lesson” with Krista and Äiti :D. SO MANY VERBS, SO MANY FORMS and it’s not the forms that scare me, it’s the fact that some verbs make no sense at all! The infinitive is one thing and then when you’re trying to say “he’s…..” and it’s something NOT EVEN CLOSE to the infinitive and there’s no explanation for why that happens and just AAHJDHFJTHRJH.

At least I ate some pulla! And I learned the lyrics for the “pullavat” commercial :D. The song is so catchy, though…. I’m thinking about skipping dinner, I do feel quite full, I ate cereal with banana for breakfast, potatoes with nakkikastike for lunch, then a banana and some pulla and I’m not hungry at all, I think that’s enough for me. But everything is really tasty >.< Ugh!

August 12-th

Hei again! I woke up at 9:35 am and the day hasn’t been very interesting so far. Except…maybe this one was a bit interesting: my dad called me on my finnish number and I didn’t expect that at all, so I picked up and said “Moi!” and he was like “Hey, Finnish rockstar!” 😀 We talked for about 2 minutes about the crayfish party that’s coming up and then I hung up. I also checked my e-mail and Mari had already answered my e-mail from two days ago. If she agrees, I’ll be spending the next weekend with her (more or less).

What else? We moved furniture, so the bigger table is in the living room, where we’ll eat, cause we’re a total of 9 people and the small table wouldn’t be enough, or at least it wouldn’t give us all the space we need. I also vacuumed the 1-st floor of the cottage, it took me around 30 minutes 😀 I know, it’s a lot, but before you say anything, I’m a perfectionist and the cottage ain’t a small one! ‘Kay. Now there’s pizza in the oven and I CAN’T GET THAT PULLAVAT COMMERCIAL OUT OF MY HEAD. It’s random, I know, but jeez, it haunts me even in my dreams. I can’t wait to get to Espoo and have a proper internet connection and download some music, so I can get that song out of my head!!!! Well, it’s lunch time now, so I’ll probably update this thing later on, after the crayfish party.

The stuff:  I made the salad (almost) and cut the lemons and then the guests came. It was weird, introducing myself to them, but I did it. And from then on, everything was weird! Everyone were talking in Finnish (naturally) and I couldn’t understand a thing (also naturally) and then we started eating the crayfish and honestly, it was disgusting. I knew that I wouldn’t like it, cause I don’t like sea food, but I thought that I should give it a go one more time!  It didn’t work. But äiti and isä tried so hard for that party, I ate one whole crayfish for them! ❤ Even though it was awkward, I wasn’t embarrassed at first. Then one of the guests asked me if we – Bulgarians put the knife in the other direction, cause apparently I had arranged them wrong. Trust me, it’s not a big reason to be embarrassed about, but I blushed hard, because I actually know the right way of putting the knives, I just didn’t pay attention and probably made a fool out of myself. The rest of the evening was still a bit uncomfortable because of the language barrier, BUT Krista’s chicken (the main course) was to die for!!!! Oh my god, it was so delicious! And then that blueberry & whipped cream pie….!!! Perfection!

The night ended well. Tomorrow we’ll go to Tampere and hopefully Krista and Hops will get the first prize! They can do it and they deserve it!!! ❤

August 13-th

I woke up at 9.30 am and we were already on our way to the stable at 10.10 am! We took Hops with us and went to Tampere (or at least, to Lämpääla) or whatever the spelling of that village/city was. 😀 The competition was about to start, Krista and Hops were 34-th to go! Some horses refused to jump, some jumped, but were horrible, some were good and some were still to come! When it was Krista’s turn, the horse before her refused to jump and the rider fell on the ground and that scared Hops a bit and they didn’t have time to walk around the arena and it was all panic from then on. And on top of that, some other horse was being whipped during the time, when Hops was jumping and apparently he heard the noise and got even more scared, cause we think his previous owners used to hit him a lot. So, that resulted in Hops losing his balance and Krista falling off of him 30 seconds into the competition.

I’M GLAD THAT SHE’S OKAY!!! That fall looked down right hard, Hops is 1.75 cm tall and she was probably 1 m higher, cause she’s very tall herself. I got really scared before I saw her sitting on the bench talking with some guys in uniforms. But thank god, she’s alright. Some minor bruises and scratched knees, but…юнак без рана не може!

Tomorrow she’ll be competing in Riihimäki as well, so maybe then she won’t be as sad as she is now! L And the day was pretty much that…now we’re going to the sauna, then we’re having dinner and THEN I intend to sleep, cause I’m so very tired. ;D Talk to you tomorrow!

August 14-th

I woke up at 9:44 am. Not that anyone cares, but it makes the post longer, sooo… :D! I went with äiti to the competition earlier than planned, around 10:30 am and we were voluntarily helping with tasks for the competition. Or more like, she was helping and I just stood there watching. Sometimes she would need to go somewhere and leave me 20 m away from her and Finnish people would come and talk to me and I would just stand there smiling, saying “joo” after every sentence :D. And one women forgot her…what do you call it….walkie-talkie on the fence and everyone except me were somewhere and the thing started to talk. It was some sort of a message from the big tower and you could see me being awkward from up there. The women from the other end just kept on talking and talking and I’m pretty sure that she asked me to bring the walkie-talkie to the volunteer, so she could say what the next move was going to be, but I was just like….staring at the clouds, pretending that I didn’t hear anything, cause first, even if I understood the message coming from the tower, I didn’t remember the volunteer’s face, so I couldn’t bring the device to her. And even if I did, they didn’t speak English, so I wouldn’t know what to say, it would look like I’m stealing the walkie-talkie :D! At one point, the women on the other end (from the tower) started to franticly scream and I just went further away from the fence, so I can’t hear her. 😀

Another interesting fact is that I was freezing. I had a blouse, a wool pullover and a jacket on, but I was struggling to stay alive, seriously. Probably, because I wasn’t moving at all, everyone else were with only t-shirts on and they were fine! At one point it started raining and my jacket isn’t waterproof, so I was running to the covered benches screaming “SATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”, so everyone would understand how unpleasant this feeling was for me and possibly make way, so I get at least half-dry to the seat area. One girl turned her head around and said “SAUNA JA SISU”, which was totally random, but I guess it was, because I was whining like a baby! 😀 I repeat – it….was……so…..very……cold!!!! But I think it was just me.

Anyway, after 3 freezing hours and A LOT of hevosta  (horses), Krista and Isä arrived with Hops and before you know it, they were jumping 1 meter! And boy, was it nice! And then 1.10 m, as well! Hops was in his prime! We won 1-st place, HOORAY!!! It was really nice. Still cold…but nice, haha :D.

Then Isä and Krista went to the stable with Hops, whereas me and äiti stayed and helped to clean a bit. When we came home, I realized that we’ve been to that competition for more than 6 hours!!! WOW.

And now, I’m drinking coffee with milk and I’m telling you about how today went. 😀 We’re supposed to have smoked fish for dinner, but if you remember, I hate fish and sea food, so I don’t think I’ll like it, BUT I promised that I’ll try it. Anyway! Tomorrow we’re off to Espoo, I’m afraid that my suitcase won’t close L But we’ll figure something out.

And when we get there, I have SO MANY administrative things to do, it’s stressing me out! When I was in Bulgaria, my mom would always do these things for me and now, even though my host family is helping me, I feel like I’ve been left out to manage these things on my own in a foreign country with another language and different rules, it’s terrifying! I could do it in bg, cause I know everything better, it feels like home and I still feel like Finland is just a dream and I’m not really living here and I have to be extra careful for everything. Ugh, after next week, hopefully everything would be better. But other than that stress about the documents, everything is going really great! The sun is shining, the family is great, my friends are fine and school starts the day after tomorrow. I can’t wait to see tomorrow what courses I’ll take and buy the books for them. Also, one more thing that I’m excited about (oddly enough) is the training equipment in the house in Espoo. After tomorrow, we’ll be permanently there, so I’ll be able to use it every day! And I’m not exactly the training person, but these last few days, I really felt like moving, so… J Aaand goodbye for today, my lovelies. See you tomorrow.

August 15-th

9:25 am and had nothing to do until 12.40 pm. Then we drove back to Espoo aaand I went to see my headmaster in school and ZOMFG, the school is so ultra high-tech and modern, not even in my dreams would I have imagined something like that! It’s a.w.e.s.o.m.e! And the principal is very nice as well, such a sweetheart! If only my Bulgarian principal was as cool as this one…he gave me a calendar for school and in it, there are some coupons for discounts at food and clothing shops (H&M, here I come!), so that’s great!!! Aaand then we went to Stockmann and got some pulla and went home. That was it for today, kids, I’ll do another post probably tomorrow after the first day of school, of which I’m so excited about!!!!

See ya!



  1. Човеек, колко ти завиждам! Да си exchange student било адски яко! Обожавам ти блога, продължавай да ни keep-ваш updated! ^^ Радвам се, че си прекарваш страхотно.

  2. Awww, мерси! Ще се опитам да поддържам блога ъп ту дейт, така че, ще видиш развитието по-нататък! :Д Наслаждавай се на лятото си, аз отивам на училище днес :Д

    Moi moi!

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