Here I am again!

Hey, you guys!

I know that you’re eager to know what’s happening with me and that I’m basically playing with your nerves by writing so seldom, but at the end of the day I’m SO TIRED that I don’t have the strength to do it. Finally I have some free time and I’m going to tell you what happened this past week.

So, first off, I spent the weekend with Mari in Vihti. If you remember, I met her in Anjalankoski and she gave me a ride to Loppi, where my current host parents are living. Anyway, she took me to this annual Vihti fair, which took place in the center of the kaupunki . It was great! There were lots of home made cakes and these rice-kinda-like-a-boat-shaped-bread-like-stuff (obviously, that’s the proper name, if you didn’t know)! We were walking around and I felt like I was in a scene of “The 10-th Kingdom” (great movie, btw, watch it, if you haven’t already), everything was so surreal, like I was in a fairytale. Wonderful fair! And I got to meet Mari’s kids – Juho and Vilho. Great little creatures. I do like kids, so it was almost certain that I’ll like them, but they really are so cute! 😀 And the dog? Oh my god, what a great dog Mari has. She thinks he’s stupid, but…okay. Maybe he is a little bit below the average, but he’s so sweet and he wants you to play with and ashjdgsfg. <33333

Also, I talked a lot with Mari herself and I really like the fact that she’s a person that you can really talk to. She listens and gives nice advices. Of course, we couldn’t end the weekend without talking about Buryan and at that point I realized that he’ll play a big role in my exchange year, even though he’s already back in Bulgaria. The fact that he was here before me and met the people I’m now meeting is a bit weird. Now I’m being compared. And I know that people will deny it, but that’s just how it works, I can feel it. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s existing and I would like to be me and just me. No comparisons, no nothing. But I am happy that I keep in contact with Buryan, who’s been really helpful during these last few weeks. He’s just there if I need to talk to him about something that’s bothering me, cause there’s a big chance that he went through the same, you know… Now, when I look through the chronology of our conversations, I’m beginning to sound like him more and more. Like… I am excited for my stay here, naturally…but I’m also being real and not the “happy-cheery” Stefani that I was back in bg. Not that I’m not a sunshine now, as well, it’s just that I’m gaining experience and everything here is so different than what it was before, I’m trying to learn the language, make friends and just survive through everything. I know it sounds harsh, but trust me, it’s fun. Maybe not that fun, when you miss 4 bus stops and your legs are killing you and you have to walk another 2 km, but it’s still considered as learning. And I have to go through it, there’s no other way for me to become the person I want to be. I’m glad I waited 2 years to come here, this is probably the best decision of my life so far. It’s going to be hard, but entertaining.

Okay, leaving the feelings aside for a moment. School.

You know how I told you that it was hell? Well, apparently the first 2 weeks are the hardest. Everything is so much better now. In fact, things aren’t just good, they’re great! On Monday I started to talk more. I realized that at one point I’ll have to do it and that point is now. Everything changed! The girl next to me in Finnish class didn’t seem so grumpy anymore. She was just afraid of speaking English! Now she’s communicating with me all the time, she’s smiling and even though she can’t speak as well as I can (saying it comparison wise, not that I’m the English master), she’s trying and I’m trying, too. It’s this Finnglish weird language that we’re using. But that’s the way to learn! On Tuesday I changed my schedule, cause I had to take the long math for second grade, since the other one was way easy for me. I dropped out from music class, but I got geography instead…and I’m having Art class with the ib’s, which means that the teacher is talking in English pretty much all of the time. Nice one.

Wednesday! Tutor-Ilta. Okay, if I have to be honest, the beginning of the day was shit. My English teacher decided that it’s a great time for a word quiz. Nothing hard, right? Except that we had Finnish words and we had to translate them into English. And, of course, yours truly didn’t know what any of the words mean. I didn’t write anything on the paper, it was bad. And the weirdest thing was that Yuhui – the exchange student from China didn’t have to do it, but I did?!?!?! What’s wrong with this world? And math class was weird as well. They’re learning probabilities, but at the same time they’re doing arranging of data and calculating an average of it. I don’t think these two things are related… I understood some part of it, but then not everything. My math teacher doesn’t speak English all that well, so she’s having difficulties explaining things to me, but she’s trying…and succeeding in a way, I guess. Not everything, but still. After my last class, I decided to stay in school until 6 pm and not go home, cause I wouldn’t have had much time there anyway. BECAUSE —— it was Tutor evening! Yessss, and it was so fun! That’s basically the second graders (or in other words – 11-th graders) organized this fun evening for the 1-st graders, who are still in shock of coming to lukio and they were supposed to feel welcome and relaxed. And it worked, there were a lot of fun games and even limbo!! (of course, it was accompanied by the best music ever!) The tutors had a dance to the “Love you tender” song, it was hilariously brilliant! And the tutors made me feel really welcome, so I’m going to say a few words for them (at least for the ones I know)

Karen – such an open and lively person, really fulfilling the meaning of the word “sunshine”. She was nice enough to explain everything to me in English, even though she didn’t have to! Kiitos, Karen! And even before the tutor night, we talked a bit and she’s cool. Me likey Karen!

Laura – She’s one of the tutors of 11D (my class), so I knew her before the evening in question. She’s always asking me how I’m doing, how do I like the school and everything! I think she’s incredibly nice in general, not just to me. But it feels nice that she knows my name, haha!

Noora – the science girl. I have to admit that I’ve always found science interesting and I absolutely love, love, love science programs! Of course, she’s smarter than me in that subject, since she’s taking chemistry and physics and I’m not (and probably won’t) and it’s nice to talk to her about microchemistry or organic matter or whatever. 😀 Noora is smart!

Henkka – eeeey, the blond guy! Should I insert a joke here, or??? 😀 He’s smart, too, though…as blond as he is (I know, unbelievable, right?). I have math with him…not that it matters, of course, since he’s too far away from me to ask questions, but it’s a side note! And yeah – he’s really cool, too, he was nice enough to translate the Finnish problem into English for me (by the way, Henkka, if you’re reading this [Highly unlikely] and Monday hasn’t past yet, the homework I did is correct! :D)

Rasmus – Or just Rasse. He’s the kind of guy that I would talk to for hours and not get bored. Cause he’s hilarious. He has the sense of humor that I find really funny and at the same time he makes smart jokes, so sometimes they’re demanding to understand. I really like him and I would talk to him in the corridors if I have time. He’s just open enough to make me feel comfortable with interrupting a long speech about the reason of life as we know it.

Ed(ward) – Same thing, man! Funny guy, what can I say? He’s able to make me cry from laughing too hard (if he really tries). And they’re so “cute” together with Rasse, ahahahaha. Perfect combo! They should hang out together more. No pun intended, they’re just so cool…and smiley all the time. It’s awesome.

Po – well, he isn’t a tutor, but I thought I should mention him! I don’t even know why I see him this often, since he skips almost every lesson, which is weird, but I guess he finds them too boring to even care about them. I guess he’s the “man-whore, drugs and Nepal music” kinda guy, haha! And he keeps calling me “Russian girl”, which is annoying, cause I’m obviously not Russian. Just cause Bg is a Slavic country, doesn’t mean that It’s Mother Russia, kay? I hate being compared to Russians, I don’t even understand their language! But he knows that >.< Jesus.

And the rest of the tutors, who are also really nice (Helmi, Joel, Aatos, Satu, Samuli and the other girls), sorry that I don’t have a whole chapter on you guys, I just don’t know you that well! But I would like to! J

And the night itself was glorious. Nobody was too cool to do something and it was fun! We were dancing, sitting on each other’s lap, singing, crawling (yep!), limbo-ing, running in a circle, multitasking and hitting people with paper tubes. How can that not be fun??? IKR!

Then Thursday came. What a brat. I managed to get to school on time, which was surprising, cause I’ve been having difficulties with the public transportation. For instance, I didn’t know that we were supposed to wave at the bus, so it stops on the bus stop. It doesn’t make sense! If there’s a stop and there’s a person there, you should fucking stop!!! Or at least slow down and if he’s not waiting for your freaking number, you continue on with your life!!!! But nooooooo, I have to wave like a crazy person, so the bus that’s supposed to stop there anyway, actually stops. And then I have to get on it from the first door. Not just any door, it’s the fucking first magic door! Remember that, people! It’s always the first door. And then there’s this machine for the bus card and you put your card in the center and press one of the four buttons. I know that each button is for a different place, but since I don’t know what I’m supposed to press, the first time I was just sitting there and wondering what to do and the bus driver was almost yelling at me in Finnish. I’m pretty sure that he said “Perkele” somewhere between the words, but…oh, well! 😀 Oh, oh and THE MOST IMPORTANT THING you should remember. Press the STOP button, when you decide that you’ve missed enough bus stops, ok? Cause the fact that you’re standing in front of the doors and you look like you want to get off isn’t obvious enough for the driver. In Bg, the stop button is pressed, when you want to get off at a place with no bus stop around, but not here. I learned that the hard way. I missed 4 bus stops, before someone was kind enough to press the stop button anonymously, so I can finally get off. It makes sense to a Finn, I suppose. Why would you have a stop button in the bus, if you’re not going to press it, when you want to get off? But it’s weird to me!!!

Anyway, after the first lesson, I realized that I forgot my English book at home. I had geography, skip lesson and English. I went home to take the English book. It was stressful, because I didn’t know if I can make it in 75 minutes, since I was on heels and there were no guarantees that I’ll press the stop button at the right place and it was really frustrating! Well, this time I missed only 1 stop, but I was running short on time, so I was cursing throughout the whole way back. It was horrible. BUT I STILL MADE IT ON TIME, for which I think I deserve a medal or something. I’m so proud of myself!

Here’s the good part of the day: Me and Isä went to Helsinki, just to walk around a bit. It was VERY interesting. I never really had time to go through the city and now it finally happened! We went to the Dom of Helsinki, it’s really beautiful!!! And on one the sides you could see the only orthodox church in the city and on the other side – a part of the Helsinki university! We saw the president’s residence, as well as that big graveyard and the Olympic stadium, in which the 1952 olympic games took place. We also saw the new music hall, the opera house, Kamppi, Stockmann, the war museum, the market place, the harbour and whatnot! IT WAS AWESOOOOME! Too bad I forgot to take my camera with me L !

But then Friday came. My classes start at 9:45, so I had time to sleep more, but that’s not what’s important. You know what happened in Finnish class today? The opettaja (teacher) was gone to this booting camp with the IB students, so we had a sub. Substitute teacher is a strong word for it, since it was the psychology teacher checking in on us exactly 2 times during those 75 minutes, cause she had a lesson, too. And you know what the class did, while she was gone (pretty much the whole time)????? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They did their assignment. They didn’t talk, didn’t sing or dance on the desks.  They didn’t tell each other dirty jokes and they didn’t play on their mobile phones. You could hear the buzzing of a fly, that’s how quiet it was. It actually took me 30 minutes to realize that the teacher is in fact, gone (cause I was doing these other stuff and I had really gotten into it). SO BIZZARE. Never in my life would I have imagined that students would do what they were told if there’s no one to look after them. I’m in shock. But my school is currently THE BEST school in Finland (according to statistics, that is), so I guess everyone tried really hard to get in (except me, lol) and they’re trying to make an effort for their education, for which I applaud them, but you’re teenagers for Christ’s sake, ACT NORMAL!

And another thing, my geography teacher is quite the character. We watched a home made youtube video of 10 year old kids dancing and singing with weird wigs on about the demographic transition. It was hilarious! 😀 I love this school!

And the second graders are way cooler than most of the 1-st graders. Maybe it’s because they’re not as shy as the others, cause they’ve already been in the school for 1 year, but they’re much more friendly and humorous! I like that about them. J And the first week was far worse than this one. Now I know enough people and I don’t feel isolated for most of the time. I talk to everyone and they’re talking back, so I guess all there was to it was time and a right approach. I hope my permanent family is somewhere in the region, I don’t want to change schools, I already fell in love with this one! ❤

And now, the plan for the weekend!: Horseback riding competition in Riihimäki on Saturday and moving Hops (the horse) to another staple on Sunday. Should be fun.

Update: Now the weekend is over and some cool stuff happened, but I’m going to (maybe) tell you about them later. I’m so tired (again) and I have a bunch of homeworks to do and it’s already 9:57 pm. I feel like time is never enough. It’s like the 24 hour frame has turned into only 24 minute frame. I NEED TIME!!!!

//Stef – Hyvää yöta!


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