Hey, once again!

Everything is great here, let me tell you something now (the short version): 


Krista made it on Saturday for Sunday and oh, my, my, my, it’s so delicious. People in Bulgaria – you should never again say a joke about carrot cakes ever again, you have not lived until you have tried at least one piece of it. Now I can relate to rabbits. Here’s a brief picture guide to making the oh-so-famous kakku!

And also, today, for the first time in my life, I played Finnish baseball! By “play” I mean, hit the ball with the bat and run, whenever the coach starts screaming. But it still counts, right? 😀 It was raining so hard, when we started playing, but finns don’t give up so easily, we continued throughout almost the whole 90 minutes. As you can probably guess, I’m not at my driest right now. Haha! 😀

But now I have to go (I’m sorry that this is so short!) 😦 Happy Birthday to Samuli and all the best to him and everyone else! Peace out, people!

//Stef – busy day once again!


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